Amazing Tips that will make your old and slow computer new again

Amazing Tips that will make your old and slow computer new again

Are you consider buying a new laptop because your old one isn’t snappy anymore? Have a look at these amazing tips that make your old computer running like new again.

Amazing Tips that will make your old and slow computer new

You must be thinking about getting rid of your old and slow computer because it’s probably giving you a hard time. But before getting a new one, you should consider making some changes to your computer. 

Maybe your system just needs some rough inner dusting and it’ll be good to go. No, don’t worry! You don’t have to rush to a technician to make that happen, you can do it all by yourself in a few minutes. You don’t have to invest in a new one before giving the old one a few needed changes.

All you need to do is apply these tips mentioned below and see the difference it’ll make on your old computer. 

Tips to make your old and slow computer snappy again

These tips mentioned below should help your old chugging computer new again. So, without any further ado, let’s jump on to the tips.

1. Update the latest Windows Driver

If you want your old computer to be fast and like-new again, then you should keep your Windows 10 Driver up-to-date. Not only will the latest software update keep your system secure but it’ll improve the performance and will fix bugs automatically.  

It’ll give your system a new start and will boost up the speed of your Windows systems. Consider installing a free driver updater software to make it easier. 

2. Remove the Programs you are not using

A lot of times we ignore the fact that the pre-installed software in our computers doesn’t concern us and we still don’t consider uninstalling them. This might be one of the major reasons why your computer is aging. Uninstall all the useless programs and make space for the ones of your need. 

Even after this tweak, the problem doesn’t get resolved, try installing an SSD instead. In new laptops these days, SSDs are installed for better performance. This will most certainly help your system to boost up real quick as the disk drive will have more than enough space. 

3. Clear all the useless and duplicate photos and images

Installing the best duplicate photo finder would be a great help as it scans duplicate photos and removes them to clear disk space. You don’t have to go through a long process just to remove duplicate photos, the duplicate photo finder software will get the job done in less time.

4. Move your Data to the Cloud

Just because you are running out of hard disk space, you don’t need to buy a new computer. You can always choose to move your relevant data to cloud storage. 

Cloud storage provides you with free storage to store as much data as you want. Rather than saving your pictures and images on your hard drive, store them in cloud storage.

Backing up your data online is one of the best ways to keep your data safe. Plus it saves your hard drive storage space and speeds up the current performance of your old computer. Even in cloud storage, make sure to remove all the duplicate images and data to keep a safe track of the actual ones.

5. Restore your Computer to its Factory Settings

If you can’t devote enough time to increase the performance of your system by following these steps, you can surely move back to restoring your computer to its factory settings. It is the best way to get rid of all the possible bugs and viruses. 

Starting fresh will help your computer to perform better just like it did when you first bought it. 

Select the significant programs and export them to an external disk or to cloud storage. However, most of the computers come with a recovery disk but if you are not willing to give it a chance, store your important data separately. 

One of the most important things to remember while restoring your computer to the factory setting is remembering the Windows Key. you might be asked for the Windows key while restoring. 

6. Get a new Graphic Card 

For all the gamers out there, if your gaming PC or laptop is acting slow then toss out that old graphics card and replace it with a new one. You don’t have to waste your time to give a full update to your system. It’s a sure thing that after installing a new graphic card, some of the games might need to keep up with the update but most of the games will just be fine. 

7. Dump all the junk out of your computer

All the miscellaneous/temporary files, thumbnails, etc., can make your computer slower and prone to malware and virus. Sometimes, Windows happen to create temporary files that gradually fill up the disk space which makes the system even slower. 

Try removing useless data out of your computer regularly to eliminate the junk traffic in the disk drive. 

These tips and tweaks are the best ways to turn your old and slow computer into a new and snappy one. Some of these tips are time-consuming but they will surely improve the condition of your computer and make it boost up again. 



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