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An Insight to Educational Mobile App Development!

Advancements in the arena of technology have revolutionized the traditional ways of life in a lot more ways than one. Education is one such integral area, which, after being embraced by technology has completely changed the facet of how learning is delivered to the masses.

Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic still disrupting the usual routine of people, technology has enabled both students and their teachers/tutors to ensure continued learning without even being physically present. To top it all off, e-learning apps have been an icing on the learning cake.

With an e-learning application, courses and modules get to the palms and desks of students and teachers, delivering a smooth education experience. In fact, such has been the growing preference of online learning that many institutions are migrating to e-learning for imparting education to students all over the world.

This all is fine with its fair share of applauds, but what exactly goes into creating a great experience in e-learning app development?

Let’s head into a bit of detail then!

Categories of education mobile app development

There are not one, but many kinds of e-learning apps that belong to different categories but are still pretty closely knit to the online learning ecosystem. Some of these categories include- 

  • Course Oriented Apps

These are apps where a student can enroll in a particular subject or course as per choice.

  • Virtual Apps

These are e-learning apps where students and teachers get connected for learning.

  • Linguist Apps

Linguist apps help students to become proficient in multiple languages.

  • Prep Apps

Such online learning apps assist students in preparing for a multitude of competitive and regular examinations.

Essential Features e-learning app development

As far as features go, e-learning apps have three different panels, for each of the following- 

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Administrators

Because every involved individual has a different role to play while using the app, the important features to vary accordingly. 

Here is a look at some of the features for all the panels separately- 

  • For Teachers

Sign up and Sign-in feature




Teacher Dashboard

  • For Students

Sign up and Sign-in feature

Course search

Enter Teacher Reviews

Alerts and notifications

  • For Admin Panel

Sign up feature

Course management

Student management

Teacher management

Payment gateway


Content management

These are some must-have features that surely need to be there in an e-learning app. As far as other features are concerned, they can be added by the hired educational app developers as required.

Technology Stack for e-learning apps

You can find the list of different technologies that combine together to make a functional e-learning app- 

Mobile SDK- iOS and Android

Phone, SMS, and Voice Verification- Twilio, Nexmo

Push Notifications-, Twilio

Programming- GWT

Payment- Stripe, Braintree

App Data Management- Datastax

Database Management- Cassandra, Postgres, Mongo DB

Cloud System- AWS

Live Analytics- Big Data, IBM, Hadoop

Streaming Media- Helix Universal Server

Email- Amazon SES, Mailgun

Costs of an e-learning mobile app

In order to have the closest idea about the costs associated with the development of your e-learning app, there is a need to note down the following pointers and what you expect from the app through each of these pointers, which are-

  • App type and size
  • Devices and platforms 
  • Location
  • Functionalities and features
  • Designs
  • Maintenance costs

Once there is clarity on the above pointers from your end, you can connect with a company that offers nice educational app development servicesAs far as costs go, an e-learning app can cost between $10,000 to $30,000, all depending on what is expected of the app.

For a great e-learning app, you can reach out to Consagous Technologies, which delivers some of the most sophisticated educational app development solutions you can imagine. 


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