Apple iPhone 12: Report Claims To Reveal 4 Stunning iPhones

It is speculated that Apple's iphone12 will be available later this year. So, what can we expect from this new product? A new report offers some answers.

Jon Prosser is the man behind the show "FrontPageTech". His iconic and tough style made his recent broadcast shine on iPhone12, which was revealed to him by many of his sources. Because his rumors are always convincing.

First of all, he said that the entire prototype production of iphone12 is about to end, and the final design decision is being made. Proser said: "It's time to go!" He even posted a chart of the upcoming mobile phone, which details the expected situation. It looks very exciting. The four iPhones are all a bit smaller than they are now. They are all 5G, two are aluminum bodies, and two are stainless steel.

As Prosser was quick to point out, analyst Ming Chi Kuo made almost the same prediction a few months ago, which confirms Guo Mingzhi’s reputation and adds weight to Prosser’s statement.

For me, the most attractive element is the gap. Should we expect companies like Apple to launch first-class phones?

The reason that let us remember this notch is that all the technology creates facial recognition. No one has this level of facial recognition, the fact is that it takes up more space than the teardrop notch requires a single camera, for example. A narrow gap will not please those who want none, but it is an improvement and a better choice than shame.

Compare with iphone 8, there are many interesting details: the smallest iPhone 12 will have a 5.4-inch display, making it significantly smaller than any iPhone’s face ID.

The next phone has a 6.1-inch screen, and like the 5.4-inch phone, its shell is also made of aluminum. If you want an iphone12pro, then you can choose between a 6.1in screen (yes, the same as the larger iphone12) and a 6.7in screen. The iphone12 of both sizes will be equipped with two cameras, while the iphone12pro model will be equipped with three cameras and a lidar sensor, which can be found on the latest ipadpro.

Let's see another view.


Vijay Sales, one of India's leading electronic retail stores, is holding an Apple Day sale. During the sales period, Apple's latest iphone12, Apple Watch and Airpods will be available at the lowest prices. Sales have been broadcast live on the Vijay sales official website and retail stores. All offers are valid until January 3, 2021.

The iPhone 12 is priced at 77490 rupees. According to the announcement issued by Vijay Sales, if you offer HDFC bank card discounts, then you will spend 71490 rupees. In contrast, Flipkart's current new iPhone 12 is priced at 79,900 rupees. The effective price of the iPhone 12 mini on the Apple Vijay sales day is Rs 60,900. If you use the HDFC bank card cashback offer, you will get this amount. The price listed on the website is Rs 66,900. The same device listed on Flipkart at Rs 69,900.

The HDFC bank credit card offers cash rebates of up to 6,000 rupees, which means you can buy Apple devices at a lower price. On New Year's Eve 2021, the iPhone 11 will be priced at Rs 5,1990, which is the price of the 64GB storage model. If you use an HDFC bank card, you can buy iPhone 11 at an effective price of Rs 46,999. In contrast, Flipkart is also selling the same device at a price of 54990 rupees.

However, if you plan to buy iphonexr, then you will get a better deal on Flipkart. The e-commerce giant is currently selling iphonexr at 38,999 rupees. For the same price, you will get a 64GB storage model. The same is true for iPhone SE 2020. This phone is priced at Rs 32,999. If there is a redemption discount, you can buy this phone at a lower price.

Going back to the Vijay sales transaction, the iPhone 12 Pro-Max is priced at Rs 106,729, which is the price of the basic model. The 128GB storage model costs 124,900 rupees, which is much lower than Flipkart. The platform also offers discounts on the Apple Watch Series 6, with prices starting from Rs 38,990, and cash back offers will reduce the price to Rs 35,990.

The effective price of Apple Watch SE is 26490 rupees, AirPods is 12399 rupees, AirPods Pro is 20490 rupees, MacBook Air is 59990 rupees, and HomePods is 14990 rupees. The platform also claims that the upcoming Airpods Pro Max will soon launch Rs 5000 voucher, which you can redeem on any product.

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