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Disasters are catastrophic events that result in damage to loss of life and limb. Both man-made and natural disasters result in extreme devastation. Nursing professionals play a greater role in responding to disasters and ensure the best possible care to the victims. They have the desire to help the people as this is the basic requirement of their profession, but the only problem is that they do not know where to start. If nursing professionals are adequately prepared, they can help more efficiently by contributing to disaster relief efforts. Hence, nursing professionals should be prepared before the occurrence of calamity so that they can manage and handle the healthcare needs of the community. 

Nursing is the most-trusted profession from the public assumption and this is the way nursing professionals perform. The Red Cross society has contributed to disaster management by engaging a team of more than 20000 student nurses and volunteer nurses. They serve at the time of disaster as an educator, clinicians, and leaders. A Registered Nurse is a professional who can help people during a disaster by making the best use of her knowledge and skills gained for disaster response and preparedness. Thus, nursing professionals are an important resource to the healthcare system as they hold a wide range of responsibilities in disaster response and preparedness including:

Service within the organization: Nursing assignment help states that there should be the development of disaster preparedness and response plans, operational tools, and security measures that can help the nursing professionals in understanding what their employees and community expect from them.   


Roles & Responsibilities:-

Provision of education: Education to nursing professionals helps the community and consumers to give them knowledge as they can safely satisfy the needs of people and the community during a disastrous situation. Knowledge plays a much higher role in alleviating fear and anxiety. 

Volunteering: nursing professionals who volunteer and get involved in the disaster response system are prepared for disaster strikes. There are only a few organizations that provide an opportunity to assist in the relief efforts which include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), American Red Cross, and the Public Health Service Commission. 

Assistance during a disaster: the nursing professionals are assigned a variety of duties at the time of disasters such as delivering the first aid medicines, monitoring mental health records, and assessment of the state of victims. 

Preparation of self and family: Some of the family members rely on nursing professionals. They undergo personal preparation with an emergency plan and basic emergency supplies to ensure that families are safe and are provided ease with their worries. If you also need a special tutoring service or online assignment help, reach us at My Assignment Services for help.

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