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Are Exotic Vape Carts Real and How Can You Spot If They’re Fake?

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The vape cart brand known as Exotic, or Exotiq, features colorful, fun packaging. And reviews of its products online rave about the cart’s flavors and potencies. But are Exotic vapes a real, licensed brand? Or is it another fake brand taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers?

Let’s clear the smoke here: Exotic brand vapes are unregulated, illegal, fake vapes. They aren’t licensed, they aren’t lab tested, and if you’re caught buying or selling them, you could be answering to Johnny Law.

A few years ago, several marijuana edibles companies in Colorado branded their packaging to look like mainstream candy brands from Hershey’s. Hershey’s sued these companies for simply copying its products likeness, including colors, fonts, logos, designs, and mascots. The court ruled that since these products were manufactured for profit, and didn’t offer any artistic or social commentary, that they violated Hershey’s trademarks.

Some Exotic vape packages bite mainstream trademarks. For instance, one flavor is called “Fruity Pebbles,” and its package looks an awful lot like the front sides of a Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes.

Legit, licensed weed companies are fully aware of this trademark issue, and they no longer would offer something like a Fruity Pebbles vape that mimics the actual cereal box. Highly publicized lawsuits have that effect on compliant businesses.have a peek at these guys New Exotic carts

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