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Are You Ready To Manage Temps After Lockdown?



Although there have been no vaccines created for the coronavirus yet, the companies will have to re-open their offices amidst the outbreak. Because the loss that each business is going through each day is unbearable let alone if it continues for another few months or a year.

to the experts, this pandemic is at least going to last until the end of 2020 or can even prolong until the beginning of 2021. Therefore, it is up to the employers how seriously they’d follow the SOPs if they resume inhouse operations. After all, it is necessary for the worker’s health. Ultimately, all the work processes, commutation methods and interaction means will need to be modified.

You must be wondering how you should bring the remote teams back to the normal when it is necessary to maintain social distancing. Here is all you need to know about managing your employees during this transition phase.


Is Remote Working a Possibility?

If we gained something from this situation, it is that almost all of the tasks we have been doing inhouse were performed remotely. So, before you call the entire workforce to the office, separate the departments who can easily work from homes such as copywriters and those who must be physically present to attend the office duties, for instance, admin and HR. Those departments who have field related work must be called while the rest of the members can continue to work from home.

This will save you from the hassle of handling tons of people at one time. Also, social distancing and other SOPs compliance will be easily possible when a limited number of employees would be present at work. Moreover, it will allow the remote workers to relax until the lockdown restrictions are somewhat elevated. Meanwhile, the on-site employees can take their time to re-integrate themselves into the office space. Despite your decisions, make sure to consider both of the teams while planning and discussing the future work processes.


Can Workers Work Alternative Hours?

Have you ever considered the option of alternative working hours for all the departments? If not then it is high time that you offer this flexibility despite the circumstances. It will provide a safer working environment, ensuring maximum protection of health and safety.

Therefore, you must set specific date and time for each of the employees according to their working pattern so that the productivity remains constant and the worker's on-site stay limited. However, every change that is being made needs to be communicated to all the in-house and remote team equally. Even a slight variation in either of the transmission can negatively affect their performance.


Is Your Office Structure Following the Social Distancing Measure?

Even though you are moving towards a normal work life, you still need to abide by the precautionary measures. Social distancing being the need of the hour, the on-site working environment must be spacious with all the protocols integrated. Furthermore, the in-house employees must be promptly communicated with all the rules before they start their routine jobs.

You can install temperature checking systems at the entrance of the office and monitor the number of interaction within a group of people. Provide masks and gloves to every employee and place hand sanitizers on their desks so that they use it timely. The administration department can make strict SOPs for all employees to ensure safety. The rearrangement of your workplace can also help in optimising efficiency and productivity while maintaining the required distance.


How Well Are You Communicating and Supporting Your Employees?

Indeed, it is challenging to manage a team after working from home for more than five weeks. But nothing is difficult if you have been in contact with your team after all this time. Your main objective must be to provide ample support and opportunities to your team so that they can perform well in their domain. It also means that communication needs to be transparent and consistent whether they are working remotely or on-site. Moreover, they should be informed about everything that is going on – every policy and process so that it doesn’t affect their performance.


Have You Cleaned the Digital Mess?

Not only the physical surroundings need sanitization, but the digital space also needs some cleaning. After working remotely for months, you must align your IT team to clean the digital mess before the in-house operations begin. You don’t know what your employees were up to in the lockdown, downloading all sorts of software, tools, movies and games that might be risky for the business. That is why all the electronic devices must be free of malware and viruses because now they will be directly connected with the company’s corporate network.

Eventually, by prioritising their health, implementing COVID-19 preventive strategies and encouraging them, you can mark your existence again in the professional world. However, the starting months may be tough but you will get through. If you are looking for some tips and tricks, search for professional online essay writing service and get the most relevant results. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours!

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