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Aztec Bingo - Online Playing Guide, Game Review, Odds & Jackpot Rewards 2021

If you like to travel back in time and explore an ancient civilization while enjoying online Bingo game, you should definitely play Aztec Bingo in India.

Introduction To Aztec Bingo

If you like to travel back in time and explore an ancient civilization while enjoying an online Bingo game, you should definitely play Aztec Bingo in India.

aztec bingo online

Bingo enthusiasts would be amazed by the simplicity of this game which also boasts massive payouts. Until you wait for the wins to land, you simply cannot keep your eyes away from the screen. This Mayan- themed bingo variant has lots of hidden treasures inside. Join the bingo table now and uncover the secrets.

If you are a newcomer to Online Bingo, fret no more, we have got you covered. This article will guide you on uncovering the hidden secrets of Aztec Bingo online and winning real money in India.

Let’s dive in!

How To Play Online Bingo & Win Real Money In India?

There are many Bingo games out there that you can easily access online after registering on your preferred Bingo sites. However, you can also enjoy online Bingo in Play Mode without any registration. You can practice for sometimes in Play mode until you get the hang of the game.

All you have to do is create your account in your preferred bingo sites, and deposit required money. If you consider our expert recommendation, Visit BetBarter or SkyLive Casino for best Bingo experience.  These sites have few and selected Bingo games from top software providers. Aztec Bingo is one of them.

Amazing rewards, superb graphics, entertaining soundtrack and fast-paced gameplay; are the remarkable features of this game. Below we have covered the gameplay/tutorial of Aztec Bingo for your best information.

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Guide To Play Aztec Bingo Online In India

Aztec Bingo is 75 Ball Bingo game. All 75 numbers can be repeated on all the tickets. Initially, 44 balls are drawn. Sometimes ten extra balls are also drawn.  

Follow this step by step guide on betting and starting the game.

  • Before the game starts, you have to set your preferred bet by clicking on the coin icon on the left side of the game display. 
  • Since the game is suitable for all class players, you can bet as low as 4 coins up to 120 coins as per your wish. 
  • Once you place your bet, click on the new ticket button in order to change the numbers on them. You can manually activate and deactivate the tickets individually as you begin to play the game.
  • After setting your bet amount and activating the ticket, proceed to click the play button.
  • There are several patterns in the games. Some selected patterns offer different prizes. Once you uncover a certain pattern, the reward money is paid accordingly and is transferred to your main balance.



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Paylines In Aztec Bingo

As with every bingo game, the more tickets you buy, the more you will create a chance of winning. In Aztec Bingo, you are required to match as many patterns in the game to receive specific payouts.

The 4 tickets in the game will give you multiple chances to complete the patterns with each gameplay.  Besides, if you complete a full house, a special bonus will be triggered that will reward enormous rewards.  

Grab An Amazing Bonus Playing Aztec Bingo

Aztec Bingo is an exciting game packed with wonderful Bonuses. The jackpot is the main attraction of the game, which rewards a terrific prize at the end. But it isn’t easy to trigger the jackpot at the first try. You must have patience and keep continuing the game to hit the jackpot.

The initial draw sees 44 balls being drawn. You must complete the bingo pattern with the first 44 drawn balls in order to win the jackpot.  However, you have to go through the prize overwrite feature to receive the jackpot reward. It means the reward will be provided after one game round.

During the game round, another pattern can overlap the completed pattern graphically from higher to lower prize. There is also an extra ball feature in the game that is activated when a close complete pattern is formed or proceeding to land a bigger prize pattern. You can also trigger extra ball features after completing pattern N. This allows you to buy up to 10 extra balls.

Finally, triggering the extra ball options also activates free spin features, but this comes with an additional cost. You have to meet certain requirements in order to win free spins as defined by the operator.


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