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Benefits of buying a second hand tablet

Buying a second hand tablet can benefit an individual in many ways as we know a tablet can be used as both mobile & laptop.

Used tablets are low-cost and can be easily available in nearby stores or on classified sites. Tablets are like a hybrid of a smartphone and a laptop. It can be used in both ways depending upon the user. Buying a tablet is the best way to save money as it is a bit expensive than a mobile and less expensive than a laptop.  Anyone who wanted to buy a laptop can buy a tablet at a low cost and buying second hand tablet is even cheaper.

What is a Second hand tablet?

Second hand tablets are pre-owned tablets used by someone in the past and due to various reasons, it is available for sale at low cost on classified sites or in local stores.

Most of the used laptops are sold due to financial issue or someone wants to buy a new tablet or upgraded version of the laptop. This is why most of the tablets available for sale are in a well-maintained condition and almost new-like condition.

What to look for while purchasing a used tablet?

Requirement: First thing is to decide which used tablet to buy within your budget. You can search on the internet or you can take help from someone who has good knowledge of tablets. Know everything about tablets and then proceed to buy.

Size: If you want to buy used tablet then it is very important to decide what should be the screen size of the laptop. There are typically 3 types of sizes:- Small size(5-inch to 8-inch), Medium(8inch-11-inch), Large(11-inch). But always remember choosing a small size is always better as it will be easy to carry and are usually cheaper than other tablets due to its compact size.

Resolution: Screen resolution is expressed in terms of pixel-per-inch (PPI). Higher the resolution, sharper the image quality. But higher the resolution more the power consumption and requires a higher processor to process the image.

Storage: Tablets usually have a capacity from 16GB to 256GB. You can choose the storage of the tablet according to your requirement. If you want to buy a used tablet for office use then it is better to buy 16GB of storage. If you want to play games, then better to buy 128GB or 256GB storage.

Battery: Battery life is important as tablets are portable and need not be charged while using them so always buy a second hand tablet whose battery backup should be better.

Price: The price of the used tablet range starts from Rs-2000. Always do some research before buying a second hand laptop so that you don’t overpay for the product.

Where can you sell & buy used tablets?

You can sell & buy used tablets on classified sites like Cifiyah. It is one of the most trusted sites to buy and sell your products easily and securely. You can get huge varieties and options to buy cheap tablets and you can also get good and better tablets deals & latest gadgets deals than any other classified site.

You can post free ads on classified sites to sell or buy used tablets easily. If you are new to the site then, register and post an advertisement on the product that you want to want to sell and mention all the details of the product including a good photo of the product to be sold and fix the desired price at which rate you want to sell used tablets and wait for interested customers to contact you through mail or phone number that you have mentioned it during the time of advertisement.




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