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Best cities in Australia to work and live

If you want to live in Australia, but are not sure of the city to live in then you will get a fair idea from this article.

Best cities in Australia to work and live

Australia has a famous sunny climate and a laid back culture, which attracts many people from other countries to migrate here. The population of expats is growing in all states and age groups, from youngsters to aged people who wish to migrate to Australia and spend their retirement in this country.

Technology has become very advanced and air fares have reduced, due to which moving to Australia from any part of the world is not such a daunting thing. With the help of communication technology it is possible to have a great life in the sun as well as have contact with your family as well.

If you want to live in Australia, but are not sure of the city to live in then you will get a fair idea from this article. Let us look at some great destinations based on factors like employment opportunities, cost of living and availability of good schools and colleges. 


Adelaide is the capital of south Australia and its popularity is growing due to its friendly country feeling and affordable homes. The job opportunities in this city are very good because this city recruits 5000 skilled migrants every year. This city is especially great for people in healthcare, manufacturing and education.

There are many expat families in Adelaide who prefer the suburban areas of Belair and Banksia Park. There is a varied culture with live music, art festivals and excellent restaurants. You can enjoy the lovely beaches or travel to the nearby Barossa valley vineyards for delicious food and wine.


Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and has everything that you could ask for as a thriving city. However, it is much more affordable than Melbourne and Sydney. The urban center of the city comprises of shiny skyscrapers, but is also a place where you can get close to nature.

The residents of this city are very active and love the beautiful river whether they jog along it or opt for sailing on it. There are many other attractions along with the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

The economy of this city is booming with the highest demand being of workers in health, hospitality, tourism and manufacturing. Away from the urban center of the city there are relaxed suburbs and lovely landscapes.

It you want quiet areas then Morayfield is one of them while suburbs like Paddington are popular with expats. Families prefer these areas, and in order to get their families to this country, the expats have the option of Australia spouse visa.


The inland capital of Australia is Canberra and it has sophisticated environment which comes alive when the parliament assembles. Although it is the capital of the country, it has lesser than 400000 inhabitants.

This makes it seem almost like a small town with lovely streets with trees lining them. The house rents and costs are the most affordable in Australia. In the summers the residents of this city hit the lake Burley Griffin and enjoy bike rides, picnics, sailing and fishing.

There is an excellent bar and restaurant scene in this city. There are some interesting cultural attractions like the National Gallery of Australia. The surrounding hills and bushlands allow for some great adventure activities. If you wish to migrate to Australia then you should definitely consider Canberra as city of residence.


This is a historic city and the second oldest in Australia. It is located on the banks of the river Derwent in the south of the country. This city is meant for people who prefer cooler weathers and has manageable temperatures in the summers. This city has a lovely relaxed and laid back pace of life.

The real estate in this city is available in a wide range from luxurious to affordable. There are some very beautiful suburbs by the river side which are very popular with families and retirees. The suburb of Kingston is known as the most family friendly place in Australia.

The employment market is not that rapidly growing in this city, however the job prospects are steady. This is especially true for industries like construction, engineering and viticulture. On the weekends you have a choice between the arts scene, hill climbing on mount Wellington, or the sandy bay for relaxation.

These are the cities in Australia that provide great work life balance, along with many refreshing places and activities. If you plan to go to Australia with your partner then you should apply for Australia spouse visa and conduct some more research online for the city that will suit you best.

The best part is that in these cities of Australia, you will have the best lifestyle in a balanced manner. The distances are not too great and the salaries in the various jobs are excellent. At the same time, these cities also provide you with an opportunity to start a business of your own.

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