What is the procedure to get an Australia Business visa?

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Australia Business Visa permits the individual to live and conduct business in Australia permanently.

There are different kinds of visa for candidates who want to invest and develop an already existing business or establish a new business in Australia.


The two main classes of Australian Business Visa are-

Australia Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132)
Australia Business Talent Visa 132 permits to expand the existing business or start a new business in Australia. Under this VISA, the Australia PR is granted for 5 years and it can be further extended. The applicant will be eligible for citizenship after 5 years of Permanent Residency. The requirement of the visa category is to have a minimum net balance, personal assets, and annual business turnover or minimum venture capital funding. Under this category, the business owner should be nominated by the Australian state or territory of Australia.

Australia Business Owner Visa (Subclass 890)
Australia Business owner visa category 890 is for those business house owners who own and manage a business in Australia. You can stay indefinitely in Australia under this Visa. To qualify for this VISA, you need to have been living in Australia for at least 12 months in the 2 years before applying for this VISA. During the past 2 years of applying for the Visa, you must have owned and must be running/managing a business in Australia. You will be qualified for citizenship, after a few years of living in Australia. You also get to sponsor your relatives to Australia.

Australia business visa Subclass 600 ought to be applied if traveling for below purpose:

Attending conferences, and negotiations,
Investigating personal investment or job opportunities,
Representing an overseas government on official business,
Representing a foreign entity in negotiations and investigations of business opportunities.

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) Visa Subclass 400 should be applied if traveling for below purpose:
undertake short-term, non-ongoing, highly specialized work in Australia;
Participate in non-ongoing cultural or social events at the invitation to an organization in Australia.

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Australia has world-class universities. Studying in Australia is a great way to experience the unique Aussie lifestyle while gaining great new experience. Australia has practical vocational colleges, and outstanding English language schools to support international students.
Benefits of study visa:
1. You can expect a high standard of living conditions
2. Australia offers a safe and stable democratic political environment
3. Visa process is straight forward and fair for the genuine student.
4. High-quality education from the best in class faculty.
5. Australia is affordable as compared to US and UK
Australian immigration business visa is available to the businessman, high net worth individuals. Who have established business enterprises and keen to invest in Australia? Australia is a highly attractive investment destination. The Australia business visas are given to experienced business people to migrate to Australia and set up their businesses or invest in Australia.
Benefits of investment visa:
1. You can live and work in Australia.
2. You can get a residency by Investment in Australia.
3. You or your children can get the world’s best education in Australia.
4. Australia is the biggest economy and best investment destination.
5. Family members also receive residency in Australia.
3. Parents visa
Parents or Grandparents may be able to migrate to Australia using a Parent Visa if they have a child in Australia who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
Types of skilled visas in Australia:
1. Australia skilled 189 visa
2. Australia skilled 190 visa
3. Australia skilled 489 visa
4. Australia skill 482 visa
Australia skilled 189 Independent visa is an Australia skilled visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, a state or a family member, And you can live and work permanently anywhere in Australia.
Benefits of skilled 189 visa:
1. The successful applicant and any dependents may
2. Live and work in Australia as permanent residents
3. Access the Medicare health care scheme
4. Pursue basic and advanced education
5. In time, apply for citizenship
6. Sponsor their own relatives for permanent residence.
Australia skilled 190 nominated visa is meant for points-tested skilled workers with a valid nomination from a state or a territory government agency of Australia. It is a permanent residency visa that allows you to live and work in Australia like as an Australian citizen, without actually being one.
Australia skilled 489 nominated visa is an Australian state sponsored a visa for skilled workers wishing to live and work in a regional or low population growth area in Australia. You must score at least 60 points (pass mark) on the Points Test to be eligible for this visa.
Australia skilled 489 visa requirements:
1. Educational qualification
2. Work experience
3. Relevant skills
4. Language ability
4. Australia skilled 482 visa
Temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa enables employers to address labor shortages by hiring skilled workers where they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian. It facilitates the employment of foreign workers to address temporary skill shortages while ensuring that Australian workers get priority. Temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa holders can work in Australia in their nominated occupation and may have a pathway to permanent residency.
Australia skilled 482 visa requirements:
1. Have been successfully nominated for a position by an approved sponsor
2. Complete other requirements and conditions as outlined by the Australian   Government
3. Have the required skills and qualifications
4. Meet English language requirements

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