How do new E-visa rules Affect travelers to Visit India

Indian Govt Update their visa policy so that people can visit India smoothly without any problems, New visa categories come into existence In this article we will learn that these new India e-visa laws can affect on peoples trip who are willing to travel India in upcoming months

Recently the Indian Government changed several rules about the E-visa. There is some good for the people traveling to India on a tourist or business visa. There are some significant changes that everyone should know about.

The rules were tightened a bit after the infamous terror attack in Mumbai in 2008. But, things are falling in the right place since then and the rules are now stable. People can take advantage of these rules from now on. People traveling to India on an e-tourist visa or business visa can stay up to a year with multiple entries to the country.

Note :-The residents of Japan, UK, US, and Canada can stay up to 180 days and the residents of other countries can stay a maximum of 90 days in a single visit.

How does this affect Travelers who wish to travel to India?

This may pose a problem to a number of travelers who have more than 6 months visa. Because new rules don’t allow a person to enter India within two months of leaving. You can stay up to 180 days depending on your nationality but you have to complete a hiatus of two months before coming back.

You can also avail of the special permission from the government of India if there is an emergency situation for you. Now, you cannot go forth between countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. You have to cross the two months period, only then you’ll be able to get back into the country.

E-visa Policy and Rules for Canadians  

Now everyone can avail the e-visa through without having to go to the embassy of India. The new rules for e-visa India don’t affect the Canadian citizens. And the best part is that Canadians can stay up to 180 consecutive days and up to 1 year with multiple entries on a single visa.

According to the latest rules the validity of e-visa is valid for one month to five years. The one-month e- visa permits only two entries but it is subjected to some limitations on the time of stay. And the good news is that the fee for the tourist e visa has been slashed significantly.

They have also rectified the rules for medical purposes and yoga courses. You can avail e-visa to India if you fall to the list of 166 countries listed by the Indian government. You can check the list of countries on their website. Now, let’s talk about the procedure to get the e-visa approved.

Apply for E-visa India

The applicant needs to use the Indian government website to fill out all the details of the e-visa. You will need these documents when applying for the e-visa India online.

  1. Your passport
  2. Passport size photo

Your passport must have at least 6 months validity after the date of arrival to get the visa. After filling out the form you have to make the payment and you’re done. The e-visa will be mailed to your email address you provide in your details. However, if you are not able to process your application on the Indian government website due to the excessive requests, you can use any third party websites. Yes, there are companies that provide the same services to the people of all countries listed in the manifesto on the Indian government. Just fill out all the details with them once and make the payment effortlessly. Now, all the headache of the visa application processing will be removed and you will get your e-visa on time on your email address. So, it is wise to use the third party companies for the e visa to India.



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