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Best Education CRM Software for Study Abroad and Higher Education

The best CRM in the education industry for managing schools and institutions. Easy to use and highly customizable. ArchizCRM can track student inquiries, registration and registration. Turn more potential customers into students through artificial intelligence and automation.

What is Education CRM?

Defining CRM is really difficult because everyone uses CRM differently. Generally speaking:

CRM for education industry tailored specifically for the education industry, used to manage the entire process from enquiry to admission to alumni and later. Although CRM handles many micro-processes, the most important are applicant and query management, student communication, admission notice, registration management, analysis and reporting.

CRM for Education

Today, educational institutions can be seen as a people-oriented company dedicated to training well-educated people. Sounds fair, doesn't it? Well, this is not surprising, because today's education is a different business. The customers here are your students, and the goods you provide are not tangible products or services, but knowledge. Although education is different from other businesses, the success of education is also closely related to customer satisfaction. Therefore, maintaining a strong relationship with the "customers" of educational institutions is the key to improving performance and efficiency and improving the quality of education.

There are many reasons why more and more universities adopt CRM software systems. First, the CRM platform improves the work of the entire organization and strengthens external relations. It is a powerful database that allows your employees to quickly and seamlessly access all student data, including current and potential student data. The student record database at your fingertips not only maintains relationships with graduates and builds new relationships with potential students, but also improves communication between educational companies and various investors or philanthropists.


Another great advantage of CRM software is to enhance communication between departments, thus ensuring the efficiency of the education process at all levels. It promotes information exchange and cooperation, thereby helping you to better operate your educational institution. At the same time, CRM is responsible for communication between institutions and students. If your students do n’t want to hear their voices, they are much less likely to choose your school than others. Study CRM allows you to get meaningful feedback from students by maximizing communication opportunities, and it can also greatly improve the recruitment process and increase the level of student success.

In addition, storing all information about potential students and current students in a system simplifies the process of monitoring student activities throughout the learning process, enabling employees to easily and quickly get in touch with any student when needed. . In addition, it allows educational institutions to personalize each student without having to spend time and money, or hire more staff. This improved form of customer service will attract new students, increase profits and bring new opportunities to the organization.

Some biggest reasons why you need an education CRM


Know your applicant

Each applicant is different and has different motivations and intentions. To understand them, you need to understand them, and you can do this by tracking their behavior and actions on websites and other communication channels. Student behavior tracking enables your admissions representative to have a conversation with the applicant and the marketing team so that you can fine-tune their marketing information based on the collected data by tracking the applicant ’s behavior.

Query management

Queries can come from multiple sources, such as social media, websites, phone calls, chat, etc. The first thing you want is to capture them and place them in a place to prevent any leads from falling into the crack. The second thing you need to do is to return these queries as soon as possible. In terms of marketing, it is called leadership speed. In today's competitive environment, it has become one of the most critical aspects of query management.

Use Education CRM to automate manual tasks

The life of admissions officers is difficult. They need to deal with all kinds of conversations immediately. The ideal CRM will help them focus on consulting, rather than ordinary tasks, such as eliminating duplicate leads, maintaining ten spreadsheets of leads, communicating and following up, and setting reminders on mobile phones and watches. Your CRM must be flexible enough to costume your admissions process, not the other way around.

Custom report

"knowledge is power". You may have heard of it, but it is not easy to extract knowledge or trends from the huge database of applicants and their activities. Some academic CRMs can provide custom report options, where you can view the content you want to view – record performance, attribution of potential customer sources, campus performance, etc.


Another big advantage of study abroad CRM is that CRM provides the perfect tool for data analysis and reporting. This software really helps to collect and analyze information about the work of your employees and students. With just a few mouse clicks, the staff will be able to view the analysis, which is essential not only for assessing educational trends but also for determining the strengths and weaknesses of each department, which will save you time and show the way forward .

In the past few years, knowledge has become one of the most important products, turning education into a profitable business, despite intense competition. This constant competition for freshmen and profits has made every educational institution looking for new ways to attract and maintain students, improve efficiency and communication between departments, and find ways to obtain funding. The best way to do all this is to rely on the CRM system.

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