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General Education Diploma (GED) is an alternative to a high school diploma (also known as the high school equivalency certificate) for students who have not graduated from high school. Get professional GED training in Dubai, UAE now. GED stands for General Education Development or General Education Diploma. The GED is a globally accepted test.

General Education Diploma (GED) is an alternative to a high school diploma (also known as the high school equivalency certificate) for students who have not graduated from high school. This diploma allows people to apply to college or for jobs without having completed high school. Some people opt for this route if they seem ready to work or cannot complete high school for whatever reason.


People can still get their high school diploma after completing their GED. However, while high school takes four years of continuous effort, GED seems like a more accessible option in comparison for some people. GED course comprises four subjects that a person can give one at a time, or all together, whenever they want to. When passed, the state can confirm that the candidate has American or Canadian high school-level educational abilities.


Although GED is a high school equivalency certificate granted by the United States of America, it can be used to apply for colleges or jobs almost everywhere in the world. Dubai is one of the cities in UAE that accept GED in job applications. Students can also prepare for GED in Dubai, as the course outline is similar.

Learnovate: Learn to Innovate


Learnovate is an emerging training center in Dubai, UAE, that offers the best online GED classes and IELTS preparation in Dubai. It also provides training courses in different fields. Our training center comprises highly skilled people who offer nothing less than the best teaching methods. The team at Learnovate will make sure that whatever level of skill you are at when you come to us, you leave as a pro with excellent preparation.

Learnovate offers short courses in languages like English, Arabic, and French. It also prepares you for graphic designing and digital marketing jobs in UAE.



GED course in Dubai consists of four subjects; Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science. The school system in Dubai is very similar to the education system in UAE. There are many universities in Dubai and all of the UAE which accept GED during enrollment. So it is a crucial step to prepare for it. Learnovate offers complete preparation and a course of tests so you can determine how well your practice is going.

GED helps you in high school by giving you the opportunity to apply for colleges and jobs quickly. If you have the possibility of completing your high school, you should. But if you have passed your GED, you do not need to worry about your high school diploma anymore. Learnovate can ensure that you give your GED an exceptional score.


Once you have graduated from university, you will need to apply for jobs. Learnovate is wholly equipped with training its students for digital marketing and graphic designing. Digital marketing is a vast field of online marketing and has a lot of competition. Some people who are already in digital marketing wish to improve their skills, while others want to start their business and learn about digital marketing.

The digital marketing course covers everything that you need to know before efficiently working in your field. The knowledge you will gain includes optimizing websites, marketing of content and social media, knowledge of SEO, digital strategy, and advertisement on a display or a whole video. You will also learn about freelancing, paid search, and marketing through email. All of these are essential aspects of digital marketing that you should have a complete knowledge of. This course is strategically designed and taught by qualified experts in this field.

You will learn about digital marketing in the most practical way possible through Learnovate.

Similarly, Graphic designers are demanded in every work field in Dubai. It is an essential job, and many companies are willing to hire people who have studied graphic designing and have some experience in the area. Learnovate offers complete training for all computer software that will help you in this field in Dubai, UAE.


GED is a test that many people opt for to fasten the completion of their education. Everyone needs essential digital marketing and graphic designing to sssuccesfully fulfill their part in their jobs or start a business for job hunting. Learnovate training center is here to prepare every aspiring student for their future!




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