9 GEMS scholarship

9 GEMS Scholarship: A Scholarship with Holistic Education for Students

The 9 GEMS system intersperses academics with extracurricular activities and is deliberately woven into each component of the GIIS environment. Learn more about feature, Eligibility & How to Apply!

Global Indian International School (GIIS) constitutes of more than 15,000 students across 21 campuses in India, Singapore, Japan, UAE, etc. It has won more than 130 international accolades in the last 18 years for delivering quality education and transforming the education sphere.

About the 9 GEMS scholarship:

The 9 GEMS™ framework developed by GIIS won the esteemed Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors. It is an all-encompassing instruction system that assists students with meeting the changing requirements of the time. The model is intended to prepare students for challenges that lie ahead, sharpen their inborn qualities, and shape their characters to make them proud citizens.

The 9 GEMS system intersperses academics with extracurricular activities and is deliberately woven into each component of the GIIS environment. Each plan, component, and learning space is intended to enrich the overall teaching pedagogy and facilitate learning beyond classrooms.

9 GEMS scholarship:

The 9 GEMS scholarship is aimed at the holistic development of students, which focuses on their academics as well as extracurricular activities. It is offered across all the campuses of GIIS in India, but the applicability for the classes may vary from campus to campus. For example, GIIS Bangalore campuses follow the rules mentioned below:

        Whitefield Campus: The 9 GEMS scholarship is applicable for Grade 6-12

        Bannerghatta Campus: The 9 GEMS scholarship is applicable for Grade 6-7


Before you apply for the 9 GEMS scholarship, it is important to understand the various features:

1.      Grades: The 9 GEMS scholarship is applicable for the CBSE board students of grades 6-12 only.

2.      Tenure: The scholarship tenure is one year.

3.      Eligibility criteria: Students must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be an Indian Citizen.
  • The student must have received recognition at international, national or regional events, in the fields of sport, co-curricular activities (visual and performing arts, community service, etc.),  innovation, and entrepreneurship, among others.
  • The students should have maintained good academic performance in the past one year 

4.      Categories: The scholarship has been divided into three categories:

  • Category 1: Students are entitled to receive a 20% waiver on tuition fees.
  • Category 2: Students are entitled to receive a 15% waiver on tuition fees.
  • Category 3: Students are entitled to receive a 10% waiver on tuition fees.

Types of 9 GEMS Scholarship:

The 9 GEMS scholarship is offered to students in various fields:

1.  Creative and Performing arts

For all the passionate artists and performers, who are in the top 70 percentile of their class and are committed to excelling in their chosen field associated with 9 GEMS scholarship.

2.  Sports

Sports scholarship is also offered to the students in the top 70 percentile of their class, who have consistently played in the last three-five years in the regional or international tournaments.

3.  Innovation and Digital Technology

For students excelling in the areas of innovation and digital technology, GIIS offers 9 GEMS scholarships to encourage them and motivate them to follow their passion.

The selection process for 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship:

GIIS offers various kinds of scholarships to students from varied fields. The students typically undergo a long selection process for their scholarship, where they are assessed on different paraments. These parameters include: 

        Assessment of the scholarship application form

        Assessment of the full academic report of each candidate

        Achievement of the candidate

        Interview with the principal to assess the student’s calibre and commitment

    Personal interview of the candidate with the 9 GEMS Scholarships Committee

Importance of 9 GEMS Scholarship

1. Holistic Development: The scholarship assists in the holistic development of the student, both academically and personally. GIIS has one of the best infrastructures and faculty, which provides the students right guidance and helps them hone their skills.

2. International Exposure: Driven by an international organization, the 9 GEMS framework provides an international experience to students in their school. They get to interact and compete with students from around the globe.

3. Future building: The scholarship helps in the overall development of the students and their future. The scholarship provides valuable credentials for students’ resumes and helps them make a strong impression in their academic and professional pursuits later in life.

4. Reduces financial burden: With the help of this scholarship, the financial concerns of the parents related to their child’s education is reduced

As the name suggests, the 9 GEMS scholarship rewards the students with a natural inclination towards any of the associated skills with the 9 GEMS™ framework and provides them with a platform to transform their future. If you have the zeal to follow your passion and credentials to show your achievements, then apply for the 9 GEMS Scholarship on the official website of GIIS Bangalore.

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