Eight Most Used Referencing Style By Students

So today, we are going to talk about different referencing styles and formats which most universities prefer.

Mentioning references at the end of assignments is compulsory. Oscola referencing, Harvard referencing are some of the common ones. So today, we are going to talk about different referencing styles and formats which most universities prefer.

  1. Vancouver referencing:- Vancouver referencing is widely used, and hence it is in the first place. It includes using a footnote for the author's name, book, or publishing year. If the same author's work is mentioned more than once, the exact number is used to avoid confusion.  The rules are pretty simple to follow, but you can quickly get Vancouver referencing generator online tools if you face difficulty.
  2.  Swinburne referencing:- in Swinburne referencing, there are two kinds of references. It would help if you mentioned it in footnotes written at the bottom of the page and a detailed bibliography at the end of the paper. After every reference material, the author's surname followed by the year of publication is mentioned. This includes rules which are not easy for a beginner to follow.
  3. Deakin referencing:- this is not a very popular style of referencing. The rules are simple to follow, like mentioning colon between the year of publication and page number in the reference list. Citing the author's name and much more.  Deakin can be followed by using different citation styles like oxford, Harvard, etc. As many people do not use it, you can use Deakin referencing tool for guidance.
  4. Oscola referencing:- oscola referencing is mainly preferred for formal occasions. This is relevant mainly for law students. It is used for an official matter like legislation, passing orders, and rules. This consists of in-text citations and is very easy to follow. This is a widely dominant referencing format used by most students and professionals.
  5. Harvard referencing:- in this style of referencing, footnotes are used. The details about these footnotes are listed at the end of the document in bibliography form. The reference key term can be mentioned within brackets.  In this, the author's surname is listed first. There are a lot of rules included in this one, even for punctuation marks. If you are instructed to follow this, then read a good book about its format.
  6. Chicago referencing:- this referencing style comes in two formats. Either the referencing is done by mentioning footnotes, and the second method is to insert the entire lost at the end as a bibliography.  The rules are pretty simple and can be followed quickly by beginners. However, it is essential to know which kind of formatting to go for before beginning.
  7. APA referencing:- this referencing format comes with a  lot of rules. Using period between names of author, author surname followed by initials, and a complete reference list followed for in-text citation. This can be tricky to sue if you are not acquainted with proper rules. Hence you can use APA online tools for help.


These were the seven most frequently followed referencing styles by students.

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