The Most Significant Moment in My Life

There are moments in every human’s life that change the attitude towards the world around and the personal lifestyle. They contribute to the spiritual growth, and it does not matter whether it is the happiest event or inexpressible grief. It can happen suddenly when the time and place are not selected. It is a story about volunteer visit to an orphanage and an acquaintance with one little girl that significantly changed my perception of the world and made it clear that the purpose of life is to be happy and give happiness to the greatest number of people.

One Summer Morning or My Life before the Significant Event

It happened two years ago in one summer morning, when I decided what to do on the weekend. The days before, some unpleasant events occurred in my life. I was robbed in the public transport and a phone that I was going to buy that day, probably, was sold to the luckier buyer. Additionally, I was denied in promotion at a job because my colleague did not replace me as we had agreed. Thus, my mood was worse than ever, and I felt a lot of dissatisfaction with myself and the surrounding reality. My mother always told me that I perceived any trouble too sensually. Besides, I did not want to consider my share of guilt in the ongoing troubles. I was steeped in melancholy and, probably, attracted new challenges. Once, Richard Bach underlined that every problem brings a priceless present for us, and we create problems because of need for such gifts. I did not understand what benefits I can get from my troubles, but I called my dear friend Jane. Unlike me, she never had any problems, and her excellent mood was like the sun which warms the people.

As usual, I did not hear any notes of dissatisfaction in Jane’s voice. She rejected my offer to spend a weekend together because of her current business. I said asked her, “If you cannot spend time with me, can I accompany you?” Jane wondered and answered that she was planning to visit an orphanage. My friend explained that she worked as a volunteer on a regular basis and assisted teachers in one of the children’s communities for the last several months. It was unexpected news which surprised me. Gathering my thoughts, I confirmed my intention. However, I decided not to mention that I had slightest desire to get acquainted with the dozens of unknown children. Meeting with Jane was the only motivation.

The Turning Point

The morning was hot, and, confessing to my shame, I regretted my decision several times. Jane gathered children things that had been brought by the warm-hearted people, packing in several boxes, and laying them in her old car with my help. I complained about the robbers and irresponsible colleagues, expressed dissatisfaction with the old phone and the need to prepare for the new educational year. Jane just listened and tried to advise something. Finally, when all the preparations were finished, we went to the children’s community.

It was a small building in a convenient area of the city, with a small park and playground. We approached, and Jane was met by several children, who happily shouted her name. She smiled broadly and embraced them. Then there was something amazing. We were surrounded by a crowd of kids. They were excitedly talking about different things: complained and shared joyful news. Approached teachers offered their help with the unpacking of boxes. I was embarrassed and confused, facing the ocean of children’s emotions. My personality lost all significance at a time. However, Jane introduced me, and the kids gradually brought me into their tiny world where everyone would like to win a little more attention. They were orphans or children from disadvantaged families. Nobody but teachers, volunteers, and the state was interested in their fates and problems. Everything, except for personal belongings, was common, including the challenges and joys.

Jane gave me a pretty doll and offered to give it to a little girl with two blond braids, who was sitting on a bench and watching the fun. I got to know that Eileen’s mother was deprived of parental rights, and her father had done everything to send the girl to the orphanage without any hesitation and safely forgot about the existence of his daughter. In response to the doll presentation and a pair of greeting words, Eileen looked at me with big sad eyes. Suddenly, a smile full of quiet delight and inexpressible gratitude replaced the surprise and shyness.

It was my turning point. Everything but the joy of this six-year-old girl was not significant. I sat down on the grass and gently started a conversation that I needed as much as that little girl. Several hours passed, and I could not remember what exactly had upset me the last few days. I was sad, hurt, and infinitely happy for Eileen, who was choosing a name for the doll taken from a house where a happy family lived. The situation made me ashamed because of my dissatisfaction with life. Eileen had much more reasons to take offense at the whole world. Moreover, she was one of the numerous disadvantaged kids. In moments of conversation with her, I could not help but realize my wealth, unlimited opportunities, and… undue selfishness. Perhaps, in Eileen’s green eyes I saw hope for everything that I already had received in my life; everything that I did not appreciate. It was an infinitely sad and happy day in my life.

Lessons of the Moment

The way home was accompanied by rethinking of many delightful things which filled my life. The first time I asked Jane, “How are you?” It turned out that she had problems as well. However, she did not exaggerate their importance because she always saw the difficulties of life in the orphanage. Thus, I understood that philosophy and adopted a priceless gift that was brought by my troubles.

The next day I went back to Eileen and later took a full participation in the volunteer program. The material things that can be broken or lost have become meaningless. Spiritual food, which was fed to me by Eileen and her friends, became a necessity that brought me closer to an understanding of my place in life. Happiness is a state of mind that a person can choose. A man can get caught up in the problems or climb over them instead. If one makes a choice to feel joy and harmony, happiness can be easily shared with the others. I am sure that it is the meaning of life. Thus, hope and joy in the green eyes of the little girl became a significant part of my life and the guiding light in the most complicated situations.

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