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Best Flooring Tips for Small Spaces!

Simple flooring ideas by home renovation company can do the trick to decorate your house with aesthetics.

Having a small house doesn’t mean that you will miss the cozy feeling. With the best home renovation company, you can now plan your interior efficiently and ensure that your house feels spacey. 

  1. Choosing the colors

Properly planned flooring can make your rooms look bigger than usual. However, it doesn’t matter whether you choose carpet, tiles or vinyl flooring. Picking out the perfect color is the trick! 

Before you pick out the type of flooring make sure to look for lighter or cool color combinations. 

Choosing colors like ivory white, or beige shades not only makes your room look bigger, it also amplifies the aesthetics of your interior. 

Although according to home remodeling Corpus Christi, if you are choosing carpet flooring over other options, make sure to invest in a stain-resistant product that is easier to clean. Also, colors like teal, blue, etc give an open, spacey vibe which makes your rooms look larger than usual. 

Also, if your natural wood flooring, you can choose shades of brown or even whitewashed alternatives.

  1. Wood flooring

If you choose wood flooring or flooring laminate, the installation technique can work like magic. Place the planks of wood in a parallel position with the longest dimension of the room. This installation technique gives the illusion of a longer room. Moreover, if your house has adjoining rooms, you can position the planks vertically to make the room appear larger. While shopping for wooden flooring, consider buying a larger plank of wood instead of the smaller ones. If you feel lost and don’t know where to start, the best floor leveling service providers, Torres Tile is here at your service!

  1. Shiny Finishes

Given the reason, another best way to make your rooms appear bigger is to shop for shiny flooring options. A glossy flooring texture brightens the room and gives it an expanding effect. On the contrary, matte or non-shiny flooring alternatives have a cramped up effect. Moreover, unlike the others, Glossy flooring options are easier to clean up and look good as new for a long time. 

  1. Avoid too many details

The simpler the detail, the more space you get. Yes, anything that catches your eye captures a certain amount of space. This can give off a contracting effect. And it is no different for your flooring choices. Choosing patterns or textures with lots of details might look good for your interior but it will only make your room look smaller. However, you can opt to choose lighter colors or less intricate designs like a geometric style which suits best with the other elements in the room. This makes your room look less congested and gives an airy vibe.


However, it is important to remember that if you are going with tiles as your flooring choice, you should consider buying bigger ones. 

  1. Use the vertical space

The elements that make your room appear larger are not only confined to your flooring choices. You can pick other accessories in contrast to your flooring choices. It makes your room look good and saves a lot of space. Also, you can use the empty walls and add shelving or wall covering and coordinate it with your flooring patterns and make your room visually larger. 

  1. No hoarding

If you want to make space in your house, it is time to let go of unnecessary things. Hoarding excessive stuff like furniture, etc will only make you feel cramped up and claustrophobic. The best way to avoid cramping is to keep the borders simple which helps your flooring to stand out and gives a huge impression of space. Also, if you have smaller rooms, make sure to choose your furniture and rugs wisely. As mentioned earlier, in such cases, make sure to use your empty wall space to save some room. Moreover, choose furniture like sofas and chairs that do not touch the ground. Why? Furniture with legs allows the passage of light which makes your room look less congested and visually make your room larger. 


Choosing the correct flooring makes all the difference in the world. It helps you to turn your house completely around and also makes your rooms look bigger. But, remember to avoid hoarding unnecessary items. Moreover, if you are looking to renovate your flooring, Torres Tile is the best in the game. They have a wide array of flooring options to choose from and also offer consultation which will help you understand your needs and transform your house into your dream house! 


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