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Refrigerator has been separated into three businesses and contains a separate green box for preserving vegetable. This large size fridge has Adjustable Glass shelves, Interchangeable doors, appealing inside and outside design in addition to includes an LED lamp for a clear view.

Samsung Refrigerator no longer remains as a luxurious appliance but essential one in our home and kitchen. Today, you receive a complete range of additional features, enhanced technology and fashion that speaks for your status.

Appliances Business is adding modern technologies to their product. Several international manufacturers are supplying appealing appearance with smart technology at a reasonable price. Samsung brand has been manufacturing futuristic version of high mount fridge with a glossy outlook.


Refrigerator has been separated into three businesses and contains a separate green box for preserving vegetable. This large size fridge has Adjustable Glass shelves, Interchangeable doors, appealing inside and outside design in addition to includes an LED lamp for a clear view. Also, with the help of adjustable roller feet, you might quickly move this move from one spot to another.


Though this merchandise was made of contemporary features, still it could have been better. More importantly, the cost of this item is at the more fantastic side, and the quantity of available color is constrained. Thus you would need to choose a white color. Besides, this isn't a familiar brand in our country. So you have to search for hard to find this item.


This is an outstanding one to have in the kitchen or dining, whether its cost does not cross your financial plan. Samsung fridge price in Bangladesh not only keeps the food fresh but also raises the beauty of your place.

Layout and Dimension

Suppose you requested me to sketch this prototypical top mount refrigerator. This white color tower silhouette three divisional refrigerator version isn't just capable of keeping food safe but also accountable to grow the beauty of your location. Its white color might be quickly melted together with your room color. Like the ordinary model of the fridge, this item also has a freezer section at the peak of the segment and middle part for the fridge section following that vegetable box in the bottom. This classification will continue to keep your daily food safe with actual flavor and aroma. Its handle has made effectively that assist in opening or closing the door smoothly in addition to its gasket door make sure about avoidance of outside air follows. The complete body is constructed of durable materials, and its dimension is also flexible to place at the kitchen or dining space readily. Due to its fat, you might not transfer this item readily from one place to another location.

Storage capacity

Storage Capability does matter in the case of fridge selection. The customer likes to buy their model depending on their household size. The little family prefers to have mini size fridge on the other hand big family require huge storage capability base fridge. Keeping all this critical calculation in your mind, Samsung Refrigerator has made an excellent model of a refrigerator of 215 liters that is considered as a standard measure of storage food for large family or family.

As this product has been split from the three sections, therefore you can keep your food separately. Its interior decoration is left up to the mark and has been supplying good enough chance to make full use of their storage capability.

In the Refrigerant, the segment has Egg Pocket, R Door Pocket, Bottle Pocket, R-Shelf and v-Shelf as well as Vegetable Case for keeping the green food fresh. To keep the food bacteria-free has Ag+ Nano Deodorizer.

On the other hand, the freezer has Shelves for keeping food separate and spin Ice Tray will make quick ice.

Also, its green storage component especially has been created to keep non-vegetarian food fresh for a long time with real flavor and vitamin.

Cooling Attributes

This Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh has been using R600a Environment-Friendly Gas from the compressor for providing relaxed. Contrary to another version of refrigerator this merchandise has duel cooling fan for the hole. Both this fan makes sure about the continuous flow of air in both bands correctly and can store the food for a lengthy time.

Additionally, this merchandise comes with a reversible door for LH or RH opening, which can hold the coolness for an extended time.

CFC and HFC Petrol free cooling technology has made this merchandise Eco friendly too.

Electric Specialties

When you are Conforming to run an appliance every day, then it's a matter of fact to learn more about the electrical features of that appliance. Hence the maker has made Deep freezer price in Bangladesh in that way so that consumer can easily use this product together with the standard voltage of 220V to 230V. As well as this product does consume limited power of 80 g per month.

Attractive Attributes

Futuristic Features have made this product different from other people. Available features of Mini fridge price in Bangladesh are describing below.

Adaptive Defrost: this wise feature can control the heating temperature. This choice depends on two sensors, in the time of opening the door, one sensor moves the signal to another sensor, and it reduces the heat and defrosts the list automatically.

Fast freeze: This option is also remembered as a jet frizzing option. By pressing this option, compressors supply state cooling for a short time and keep the food safe. This option mainly uses for heating the water in the time of warm summer.

Frost-free: Unlike the ordinary model of refrigerator that this item is a frost-free version. Therefore it does not matter how long you're storing your meals in the refrigerator; your foods will stay frost-free and can readily eliminate the food in the cavity.

Humidity Control system: fridge create humidity inside the cavity that's good for the food, but extra humidity can be harmful to the meals. This Samsung Refrigerator model has Humidity controlling system that controls the level of moisture in the cavity and makes the perfect requirement for putting.

Humidity-controlled Crisper bins: this is a unique characteristic. This features mostly made for storing the bin jar for a long time, ideal balance of moisture can keep the bin safe and fresh for an extended time.

Cost and Availability

Samsung Refrigerator isn't a favorite brand in our country. Therefore you might have a few problems to get Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh from your nearest Transcom Digital home and kitchen appliances showrooms.

You Want to pay the price for the top quality merchandise, and sharp is among the latest technology base appliances makers. That always makes certain regarding the quality.

In my view that is a beautiful model of the fridge with modern technology. It would give you long term services. I would give eight from 10 to the with color tower shape fridge model.

Now it's up To you if it fulfills your requirement, besides, to remain in your budget then you can keep this merchandise at your refrigerator selection list.

Get this product soon.

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