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Best Tummy Tuck Compression Garment Pieces for New Mothers

Postpartum support garments, also known as postpartum girdles, help new mothers recover after childbirth. Medical grade tummy tuck compression garment pieces reduce swelling, support mobility, and diminish post-pregnancy complications to speed up the recovery process. Today, there are different types of girdles that provide the much-needed support and comfort to new mothers. Which should you buy?

How will you feel after childbirth depends on your efforts to get back to normal life. It took around nine months for the baby to grow inside you, so it is obvious to experience changes after childbirth. However, instead of waiting for things to be normal on their own, you can speed up the recovery process by using a maternity support band, or called a postpartum girdle.


What is a Postpartum Girdle

It is a compression garment that hugs your abdomen to offer support and relief after childbirth. Featuring sturdy compression panels, the piece helps reduce pain and inflammation after C-section. 

Unlike standard belly bands and compression wraps, maternity belly support band pieces are medical-quality products that help in navigating the uterus back to its original place. Also, they offer back support and comfort during the recovery process.    


Best Tummy Tuck Compression Garment Pieces to Buy

Now that you are aware of the functions of a tummy tuck compression garment, it is time to get pieces that can help you recover fast after childbirth. 

Here are some best known maternity support bands at Bellefit: 

  • Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle

It is a flexible, adjustable, medical-grade postpartum girdle that supports new mothers of all body types. Featuring a triple-layer design and four individually-sewn back panels, the girdle supports you by evenly distributing tension. Some other features of the girdle are:

  • Powerful compression panels
  • Protection for c-section incision area.
  • Adjustable hooks
  • Full coverage


  • Bellefit Cheekster Corset

If you have gone through C-Section, this Postpartum Cheekster Corset by Bellefit is an ideal maternity support band for you. It helps reduce swelling and pains after childbirth. Also, the corset can be worn for effortless mobility and round booty. The most noticeable features of the garment include:

  • Three front row closures for the desired tightness
  • Inner spiral boning for shaped curves
  • Back panel reinforcement
  • Breathable and flexible compression fabrics


  • Bellefit Bodysuit Corset

Offering support after C-Section and natural birth, the body corset is effective in reducing post pregnancy pains and various other complications. It is a triple-layered corset with a reinforced front panel and individually-sewn back panels for enhanced support. Some other features of the corset are:

  • Full coverage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Medical-grade protection
  • Flexible compression fabrics


  • Bellefit Girdle with Side Zipper

Equipped with a side zipper, the girdle by Bellefit helps reduce swelling and support back after childbirth. The tummy tuck compression garment features reinforced front and individually-sewn back panels for the utmost support. Other amazing features of this Bellefit girdle are:

  • Anti-pinch protection
  • Back support panels for pain
  • Easy crotch opening
  • Full coverage

In the End

Get a maternity belly support band that fits you well. An effective girdle that hugs your body perfectly and supports you in the recovery process. While choosing a girdle, ensure that it’s a medical-grade garment that is made to help new mothers in getting life back to normal. Browse Bellefit collection and get your compression garment now!


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