Black & Decker LCS1020 Electric Chainsaw Review

Black & Decker LCS1020 Electric Chainsaw Review

Black & Decker is a company known for producing an extensive line of power tools that are top quality. Often, consumers are hesitant to make the switch to electric powered tools because of the stigma that these tools have for being less powerful or unreliable.

But often, most models are just as powerful as gas-powered models. This chainsaw comes with a number of features that makes it stand out, including a lightweight design and the fact that you’re not leaving a carbon footprint. However, if you don’t like this chainsaw model, you can take a look at the top picks by chainsawnerds as they update their list every month.

The LCS1020 electric chainsaw also comes with a number of safety features that will definitely have you giving this model a second look.

Black & Decker LCS1020 Electric Chainsaw Overview: Specs and Features

This model has a reputation for being impressively quiet-running. A quiet chainsaw may seem impossible, but somehow this company has managed to pull it off.

Now you can use your chainsaw around the yard in the early morning without the fear of waking your family and neighbors and most importantly before it gets hot out.

Keeping an electric chainsaw around the house can be pretty handy for most quick landscaping tasks, but most consumers tend to think that these models are less powerful than gas powered saws, or they’re bothered by the idea of having to use an extension cord because it can restrict their movements, or by the hassle that comes with charging a battery.

Also, many of the earlier models of electric chainsaws aren’t what they are today. They were flimsy and didn’t have the durable build or reliability of today’s electric powered saws. Because of this, if you purchased an electric chainsaw ten years ago you’ve probably sworn them off for life.

However, if you try a model by Black & Decker, it may change your mind in terms of how durable, dependable and powerful these tools really can be.

With a reputation for being one of the most powerful electric saws on the market, this chainsaw doesn’t use a cord and operates using a twenty-volt lithium battery that can give you the type of power that’s necessary to get the job done.

This chainsaw is significantly lighter than your standard variety of gas-powered chainsaw. Because it’s so light and easy to use you might even look forward to knocking out those chores around the yard.

And because it’s a cordless model, you don’t have to worry about cutting the extension cord or tripping over it, you’ll have complete freedom of movement.

This model doesn’t run on gas so it’s also environmentally friendly because it emits zero fumes. Weighing in at just over seven pounds and featuring a comfortable wrap around bale handle, this saw allows you to literally fly across the yard pruning, felling and trimming your landscape perfectly.

Because of the weight of this model you can also use it for a longer period of time without dealing with tired arms and cramping hands. Some consumers noted that they were able to cut and prune using only one hand.

When it comes to the twenty-volt lithium battery, you’ll need to charge it for about an hour. We recommend purchasing an extra battery in the event that you have a big project. This way you’ll always have a charged battery on hand and ready to go.

Powerful enough to slice through hard woods easily it can tackle most landscaping jobs. Keep in mind, if you plan to cut up large trees frequently then this isn’t the model for you, as it’s better suited to small jobs.

While it can handle a large job once in a while it’s not meant to be used in a professional capacity and pushed to the limit on a daily basis.

Consumer Feedback for this Cordless Electric Chainsaw by Earthwise

Pros: The model comes fully assembled and is equipped with a ten-inch bar, a super-fast battery charge time, automatic chain oiler and wrap around bale handle, consumers had a lot of positive things to say about this chainsaw.

The clear window on the saw will alert you to oil levels so you’ll always use a saw that’s powered up and ready to go. The weight of this model is a huge selling point for consumers because it allows for longer use time.

With the chainsaw’s automatic bar and chain, the user can definitely use it trouble-free for an extended period of time because this feature ensures that the motor is well protected and running right.

As we’ve mentioned it’s also impressively quiet during use so you can use it any time of the day.

Cons: However, the battery in this model doesn’t last very long, although it only takes an hour to charge a pack for use, so it’s not a big deal. The length of the battery can vary and will depend on what you’re cutting.

The harder the saw has to work the more juice it’ll use. Because the chainsaw weighs only around seven pounds, you’ll need to keep both hands tightly wrapped around the handle in order to prevent it from vibrating when you’re cutting through thicker wood.

Some consumers also had issues with the fact that this model is solely designed for right-hand users.

Conclusion and Rating for this Earthwise Cordless Chainsaw

This is a good performing chainsaw when used for small landscaping jobs around the home. Designed for light work, you can expect a battery life that lasts about an hour.

For heavier cutting jobs, you can expect the battery life to last for around thirty minutes. This model features a tool-free blade tension system for simple chain adjustment, which means you won’t need to deal with messy adjustments using an Allen wrench.

For an affordable chainsaw that’s a pleasure to use, this model by Black & Decker is your best choice. Consumers gave this model a rating of five out of five stars, which makes this model our top-rated product.

The perfect chainsaw for beginners, this is a safe, easy to use power tool that will take the work out of yard work.


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