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Braun Collection 9 9280CC, A Solid High-Stop trimmer machine!

Braun's series nine range is the line of high-stop electric shavers from the German brand. Whilst the device is unpacked, that is shown. The Braun series nine 9280CC razor is, in reality, reduce for demanding profiles and concerned with an ultra-comfy shaving enjoy each day.


To accumulate this razor, you will need to price range extra than 300 €. It is not anything but given the options and the design of the device, it seems justified - factors that we can take a look at at some stage in this check.

Extraordinary specificity of the Braun collection 9 9280CC that I might additionally cope with is the bathing station that is introduced with the trimmer price in Bangladesh.

Braun series 9 functions

1. Grid electric shaver

2. The retractable mower for particular work.

3. 50 min of autonomy for 1 hour of the price (Li-Ion battery)

4. LED display (battery stage, hygiene indicator and travel lock)

5. Swivel and flexible head

6. 2in1 cleansing and charging machine

7. A hundred% waterproof

8. Speedy rate function

9. May be used dry or with shaving foam/gel

Introducing the Braun collection nine 9280CC shaver

Layout and dealing with

The Braun 9280 CC model has a black lacquered the front at the front with electric blue finishes, a resolutely modern-day and masculine appearance. Small flat, the facade attracts fingerprints. On the again there is a non-slip texture which improves the grip of the device throughout shaving.

Retractable mower at the rear of the Braun collection nine 9280CC

It's also in the back of the razor that there's a retractable trimmer, a button permits its activation.

Highlighted by the chrome finishes, the on / off button is overhung through a 2d button which permits the pivoting head to be locked in a specific position. Invisible when the liquid crystal display screen stops, it displays the battery stage, the shaver's hygiene indicator and it additionally indicates whether the journey lock is activated.

The technologies are concentrated on the pinnacle of the Braun Collection nine shavers. Beginning with a swivel head, 10 instructions depending on the brand.

A layout that makes shaving comfy by using permitting the pinnacle to comply with the curves of the face without ever leaving the floor of the pores and skin and it certainly works! To assault areas that require greater precision, that is the case with the moustache, the top is lockable thanks to the button located above the strength button as formerly indicated.

Shaving head layout

Allow's awareness on the razor head made from five reducing elements. It should first be cited that every detail, just like the head, is bendy. Something that similarly strengthens the ability of the Braun series 9 9280CC and adapts to the surface of our face.

1.   At the two ends, there are 2 grids which permit the hair to be cut very closely with the best comfort.

2.   The Direct & cut trimmer that's structurally built to align the hairs that have different implantation, and organize them on the way to reduce them and reap a uniform reducing result at the entire board.

3.   Hyperlight & reduce mower is the best golden element you may see. Its position is to straighten the hairs mendacity at the pores and skin and make sure their reducing.

4.   In the end, a comfort shield which plays a protecting role to make certain choicest shaving consolation.

Shaving consolation

The head structure of the Braun collection 9 9280CC razor plays a huge element in shaving consolation. It accordingly offers a deep shaving enjoy that is respectful of the pores and skin. As such, the excessive-give up Braun razor is meant for guys who shave very frequently, want a top cloth that does not require an excessive amount of maintenance time. 
The second one element that performs in choose of the shaving enjoy is the lightness of the razor. Notice that the selection of plastic materials guarantees a featherweight and is not “reasonably-priced”!

Protection and washing station

The opposite “consolation” card of this razor is its ease of preservation. Top-notch specificity of the Braun Serie nine 9280 CC: the washing station with which it's miles delivered. It is glaringly no longer the primary version to provide this function. Braun had already supplied it on previous fashions (cf. Braun Cooltec CT5CC) and we additionally consider the Philips S9031 / thirteen version or the Panasonic ES-LV9N.
This station has a dual characteristic: 
•    Cleaning. Way to an alcohol cartridge, the station allows you to clean the shaver after every shaving session. A cleaning which gets rid of the microorganism an awful lot higher than a passage under the faucet and which additionally makes it viable to lubricate the blades of the razor.

•    Recharge the tool.
The cleaning cartridge is inserted below the bathing station

Razor autonomy

The lithium battery offers the tool 50 mins of full autonomy for the simplest 1 hour of price. As unique above, charging takes vicinity via the washing station.

The LED show under the electricity button shows the repute of the battery. Besides, the short charge option is available with this version. A 5-minute recharge will permit the device to be used for a shaving consultation.

My opinion on the excessive-give up shaver Braun collection nine 9280 CC

It's far no twist of fate that Braun is one of the benchmarks within the electric shaver segment for guys. The range is stable, the information is worked and the shaving consolation at the rendezvous. The Braun series nine 9280CC razor and its washing station illustrate this well.

The rate can cool more than one, it is for sure. However, it's far critical to specify that this kind of razors is the pinnacle for an everyday shave and with the finest consolation. 

•    The washing station is manifestly a real plus to guarantee the durability of the blades and impeccable hygiene of the device.
•    The ergonomics of the shaving head and the design of the slicing elements which guarantees perfect and pores and skin-pleasant shaving.
•    The info: carrying case, non-slip floor, LED display, retractable mower. Nothing has been left to hazard to provide a fine and ultra-useful model.

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