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Braun electric shaver - buying guide, classification and tests in 2020

    When it comes to combating facial hair, electric razors are the most suitable devices. But when the time comes to choose it, it is important to focus on selected parameters.

This step is necessary if you want to have satisfactory results that meet your expectations. But with the specimens that flood the market, browsing a single product comparison is not enough if you want to find the model that is right for you. To help you in your quest, we invite you to follow this article that we have concocted. Also, we present to you in advance two prototypes of the Braun brand which have caught our attention and which are used by regulars of the brand. The Braun Series 9 9295cc which stands out from the other models in our selection by the presence of its innovative shaving technologies and the Braun Series 3 ProSkin which is favoured by consumers thanks to its practical design.
How to choose good Braun electric shavers?
It is always difficult to choose from the multitude of devices on the market. Indeed, the selection of this kind of material should not be done on a whim. In this sense, we offer you some advice on the various criteria to consider for the purchase of your equipment.
First of all, be aware that you may come across two main types of electric razors during your research: specimens with rotating heads and models with vibrating blades. Respectively, the first category is intended for users who want to activate on soft beards. However, those with sensitive skin may experience some redness except after applying lotion. This equipment is precise, fast, but also silent.
The vibrating blade devices are preferred by consumers for their versatility. They are more suitable for hard and dense beards and can be suitable for all skin types. On certain articles, you can find a swivel system which allows them to perfectly match the morphology of the user. This technology is adopted by Braun electric shavers.
The options offered by the model you plan to buy are also to be considered. Features can make one device more interesting and more practical than another.
Prefer specimens with a waterproof structure. The latter will ensure you use dry or in the shower without damaging the device. Also, choose equipment with cruise control so that you can easily accommodate the length of your hair.
If you plan to opt for a cordless razor, check its autonomy. This is important because you will not need to find a power outlet for every use. So you can easily use it elsewhere than at home if necessary.
What are the best Braun electric shavers of 2020?

1. Braun Series 9 9295cc Men's Electric Shaver

The particularity of this model lies in its efficiency and its comfort of use. It has five shaving elements to complete its task while bringing you feelings of softness during use. The risks of irritation of your skin are then minimal.
Besides, SyncroSonicTM technology ensures a passage without repetitions in all areas of your face. It develops up to 10 000 micro-vibrations to guarantee an optimal capture of hairs, whatever their lengths.
This model is equipped with a flexible head which helps it to follow the contours of your face. But also, its waterproof coating allows it to be used in all possible situations. This device also has a built-in Li-ion battery, giving it an autonomy of 50 min with a full charge.
2. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Electric Shaver

This Braun device is provided with 3 shaving elements. It has a protection system for your skin which could become irritated when the blades pass. These automatically retract to avoid possible cuts.
Thanks to MicroComb technology, the cutting edges are effective as soon as they pass over hairy areas. The ultra-thin head can easily sneak onto hard-to-reach parts of your face. This model is particularly waterproof and can immerse up to 5 meters deep.
This system gives it versatile versatility. It can easily be used dry or in the shower. To clean it, simply rinse it with water, as it is completely waterproof.

3. Braun Series 1 190s-1 Electric Grid Shaver
This Braun reference is sought after by users due to its efficiency and ease of use. Indeed, it can suit all user profiles, regulars of trimmer price in BD.
This device uses vibrating blade technology. However, its edge has a grid appearance with holes of different shapes. This aesthetic ensures optimal capture of hair, whatever their directions of growth.
This model is washable. That is to say, it is fully water-resistant. Its autonomy can reach 30 minutes. On the other hand, on this model, the designers focused on the ease of handling. It is provided with a rubber coating so that users can benefit from optimal control of the device during shaving.


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