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Philips BT7520 / 15 Beard Trimmer With The Suction Machine

The Philips BT7520 / 15 brings lots of recent functions: a slightly revised design, a charging base, a journey find ... Simple evolution or large change?

Philips attracts at the cease of the year the Philips BT7520 / 15, a brand new beard Philips trimmer price in Bangladesh with a suction device. An evolution of the BT7220 / 15 model that I supplied to you a yr lower back. Philips is, therefore, renewing its line of suction mowers which appears satisfied with its practicality.

Specifications for the Philips BT7520 / 15

•    Hair suction system
•    20 reducing heights from 0.5mm to 10mm
•    0.Five mm pitch among each top
•    Self-sprucing metallic blades
•    a hundred minutes autonomy for 1-hour price
•    Lithium-ion battery
•    stressed out or wireless use
•    Non-water-resistant version

Philips BT7520 / 15, presentation of the suction mower. 

Design, ergonomics and managing

It is usually with fashion and a touch more masculine that Philips barely revisits the BT7520 / 15 model. It's far in particular in terms of colours that the exchange is maximum hanging.

The mower combines a darker brushed metal impact the front with a rubber coating on the lower back. The obvious hair collection compartment usually works (in particular when the device is in operation). We word that it's been improved in this version with air inlets on the front and rear.

In phrases of ergonomics and handling, no change. The 360 ​​° height selection wheel, present on all new Philips mowers, is ideally located under the thumb.

The grip of the tool is ideal for several motives. First, it isn't always a completely heavy model. Then the non-slip texture at the lower back and on the choice dial allows the arms not to slip for the duration of use.

Performance of the suction gadget

If it's far important to unfold over a specific character with this version it's miles its suction system.

It's miles just above the blades that there may be a small cavity. This is the first step inside the suction gadget. Drawn the hairs maintain their way lower closer to a small turbine surmounted in an insulated compartment of a clear out. It is in this compartment that the hairs are gathered.

For the extra sceptical, the suction machine has demonstrated itself. Admittedly it isn't always best, however, collects a big part of the clipped hairs. Therefore, it'll significantly reduce the chore of cleaning the sink. For this version, Philips communicates on an energy benefit of 50% for the suction system. I can not quantify it exactly but I felt development in phrases of the amount of hair sucked (vs Philips version BT7220 / 15) 

Slicing performance

Green, smooth and rapid, the cut made using the Philips BT7520 / 15 mower is unhindered. It's far the mixture of an effective motor and best blades that permits a powerful and ordinary shave.

Exact news, we continually locate with this version, a precision head which had surprised me not its performance and that's realistic for the finishes of the beard. It allows working with precision, moustache, fly, legs.

I had was hoping that Philips could revise its system for attaching the slicing heads and hooves, however, this isn't always the case. It is a shame due to the fact the plastic at the lugs remains as fragile as ever.

The Philips mower gives 20 cutting heights ranging from zero.5 mm to 10 mm with a c programming language of zero. Five mm between every height. It's miles a long way from being the biggest amplitude available in the marketplace but simply it's far enough.

Tool autonomy

Prepared with a lithium-ion battery, the Philips BT7520 / 15 mower profits autonomy compared to previous models. It'll ultimate 1h40 (100min) for a charging time of 1h. Suffice to say that it is a superb overall performance, mainly since the tool is also usable on mains.

Charging can be carried out in 2 ways. Both through the base through setting the device on it or via without delay connecting the power cable to the mower.

Protection of the Philips BT7520 / 15 mower

The tool isn't always water-resistant. However, the 2 slicing heads are removed for cleaning underwater. The suction gadget has to remain dry and therefore will handiest be cleaned with the brushes furnished with the equipment. And this is the small grievance as it seems to be a chunk exhausting.

The primary, a conventional brush and the second one inside the shape of a cotton swab with rounded ends. The cleaning operation is pretty easy and plenty less painful than that of the sink, I admit it but it nonetheless takes time. Mainly for the reason that it's miles endorsed to easy it after each use to make certain the right functioning of the beard trimmer.

My opinion at the Philips BT7520 / 15 mower with suction system

With this new version with Philips, the suction machine brings thrilling profits. That is the case for the battery which gains in autonomy (+20 min more) however additionally in suction power.

In shaver shop BD we can find out Philips trimmer easily. Where Philips further improve the level is on the accent aspect. The BT7520 / 15 mower comes with a base that allows you to each shop the version for your bathroom however additionally to rate it. 

Notwithstanding the entirety, there remains a taste of unfinished concerning the fragility of the hooks of the principle shoe and the reducing heads which continue to be one of the simplest downsides of the version. Because I have to admit that in phrases of cut and finishes, the Philips BT7520 / 15 mower largely does the task.

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