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Break The Stereotype And Pursue This Course After Humanities

Are you a humanities student? If yes, you must have come across people undermining the stream and its career prospects.

Are you a humanities student? If yes, you must have come across people undermining the stream and its career prospects. Little do they know, humanities leads the way to maximum job opportunities having a high status in society. Be it a school principal, armed personnel, politician, or chief justice. All these career paths can initiate with you pursuing humanities after 10th. Thus, you must reply to every person undermining them with your success. One of the courses you can pursue is BA Hons Global Affairs, also known as international relations.

Accounting for an increase in the number of global events echoing the socio-political life, global affairs has become one of the most eminent fields of study, leading to a bright future.

What are International Relations?

International relations, known by several names such as international affairs, international studies, global affairs, global studies, refer to the study of politics, economics, and law globally. Typically, it is a political science field or an independent academic discipline that revolves around social studies and humanities globally.

Global affairs focus on the study of a national policy regarding the competitive world. Additionally, retaining global power and maintaining international peace is taught under the interdisciplinary academic field. It helps you equip with a systematic approach aiding the analysis of political circumstances in a global context.

In the world of nuclear powers and the spread of terrorism, a professional’s role in knowing International Relations is high in demand.

Pursue a Career with a Degree in Global Affairs

Students aiming to establish a career in international relations can opt for a humanities stream with pol science as a core subject, without compulsion, after completing class 10th. Generally, an aspirant tends to pursue a degree majoring in political science to establish a career in international affairs. Lately, several universities have started offering degrees majoring in international relations or global affairs.

Bachelors in Global Affairs is a perfect course if you are thrilled to know how different countries are connected economically and politically. Core subjects taught in BA in Global Affairs will include international economics, Sociology or European Societies, Indian and Global History, etc. These subjects will revolve around the political elements influencing the dynamics of international relations. You will get to know how different countries play a role in international peace.

Career Paths in Global Affairs After Graduation

A bachelor’s degree helps develop a wide range of practical and analytical skills to enhance the scope of career options after the course. However, a masters degree can always pave its path towards a handsome salary and a decent job. Besides the qualification, the application of your knowledge will always provide you with an edge over any degree. Some of the career options after completing a bachelors course in global affairs include the following.

  • Multilateral or intergovernmental organisations
  • Banking and accounting services
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Government relations consultant under state or central government
  • Marketing and client relations officer in media and publishing companies as
  • International Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Political Analyst
  • Diplomat
  • Indian Foreign Services
  • Politician

To establish a successful career in one of the fields, as mentioned above, ensure that you develop adequate skills during the course. Skills to have a career in global affairs can include learning foreign languages, improving communication skills, problem-solving skills, and enhancing persuasion and negotiation abilities.

Summing Up

To conclude, a career after a degree in global affairs will break all the stereotypes about pursuing social sciences or humanities after high school. The stream can act as the foundation for several career opportunities with diverse subcategories. As global interdependence is becoming the need of the hour, International Relations can carry along dynamic career opportunities.

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