how to buy gold

Buy Gold Safely

how to buy gold

Doug "Digger" Eberhardt who wrote this guidebook, how to buy gold Safely, tells you the tips and tricks of the trade. Not even your investment broker will tell you about this because of the vested interest that they have in their industry. Full of eye opening information, Doug turns first time and would-be investors to intelligent and well equipped gold traders. He has even taught his parents the right way to invest and keep their investment safe.

Safety is a primary issue in buying gold. This gold buying guidebook helps you understand the process and the system that only few well informed gold buyers know. Included also is information on selling this precious metal with a profit. And in the comfort of your homes. You can visit the recommended sites and start to capitalize right away.

But not so fast, first you have to educate yourself. You cannot jump into the lions den without getting to know the lion first. This is so true with this gold buying guidebook. There is no information overload on this stuff. Pure education in buying gold safely.

Among the books that I have purchased on gold investment, this is the truly the all-meat and no bones stuff. A true blessing for all of us with concerns on how to increase our income and keep it safe from the greed of Wall Street.

This information has been used by people in the the US, Australia and the UK and some more English speaking persons and it has worked well for them too.

We are all concerned about our economy, and even Mr. George Soros has started to invest heavily on gold. He surely knows many things that we do not. 9 times out of 10 he has been right about his investments. So, is this the way to go? I certainly think so. Can we get into this investment safely? Of course, with the help of this gold buying book, you can keep your investment in the safety zone. Great read and powerful information.

Because of the troubled nature of the world markets and the banks, paper assets are highly suspect. If you are buying gold for security reasons, then you obviously shouldn't buy paper gold. You can buy gold on the internet and the company will supposedly store it for you and it will be there when you want it.

This sounds good, but it is really only a paper asset. Yes, in theory you have purchased gold, but virtual gold isn't hard physical gold that you can hold in your hand. Now I don't want to sound like a doomsday theorist, but the truth of the matter is, we just don't know how bad things will get. Therefore, it makes more sense to have tangible assets that are directly under your control.

Buying gold, as I said previously, requires some shopping. You want the lowest price over spot. Spot is the price that is quoted today for delivery that is fixed as opposed to buying futures. On the other hand, you know that what you are paying. So if you get a quote from three gold dealers and they all quote the price over spot you can easily compare prices and make your decision.

Golden coins of fair values make a best investment for the intrinsic values of the gold. If you are buying the gold coin for its intrinsic value there is no sense in buying the best quality coins as though you were buying them as part of a collection. These are just a few of the considerations when buying gold.

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