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Buy Side Wall Clocks at Best Price in Pakistan | Best Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are the easiest and the most practical way to enhance your walls. They keep you punctual and save a whole lot of money as you don’t require to buy other decorative items to jazz up your walls. So, give your space an instant makeover with wall clocks!

Mankind has used the time to clock activities since a very early age. Time devices have changed from being a sand hourglass to wall clocks and to digital watches, which tell more than just time.   

Wall clocks have transcended their original purpose of being just an item to showtime. Now wall clocks are so much more than that. They are an integral part of any room. You cannot have an idea of time without putting up a timepiece anywhere. 

Today, we have wall clocks, side table timepieces, rooster alarm clocks, floor-length vintage clocks, and digital wristwatches. We have time integrated into our computers, laptops, and smartphones.  

Despite all this advancement, wall clocks still hold a special place in our homes. They are considered an essential item to fill up your plain wall.  

So, today let’s discuss why wall clocks are important and how to choose the best one to complement your home. 

Why are Wall Clocks important? 

In a modern home, wall clocks are necessary to jazz up your interiors. If there is a plain wall with no wall hangings and you have no other idea to fill it up, here comes a wall clock as your perfect option. 

Majestic wall Clocks with large Roman numerals add a vintage touch to your contemporary living room. Grandfather’s clock is a great example of such a clock. Such a clock makes a great focal point for your living room. 

A large-sized statement wall clock is a perfect item if you don’t want to bombard your wall with a number of items. You can also create remarkable wall art with the help of clocks. 

Pair up your clock with an array of your family photos, to create a homely look in your living room. The matching photo frames will add a personalized and meaningful effect to your space. 

If you are one of those who likes to try something different, funky and quirky clocks will be perfect for you. Clocks with rooster sounds or unique functions will be fun and eye-catching. 

Having clocks also eliminate the need to have expensive decorative items in a home. Pairing an attractive side clock with elegant decorative pieces is a wonderful idea to make your living space feel alive. 

What to keep in mind while choosing a wall clock? 

When you go out to shop a wall clock, your prime consideration should be your space. The size of the wall clock depends on the space available on your wall. If your wall is empty, you can buy a giant timepiece to fill up space. 

The second consideration has to be the material of the side wall clock. You can choose wooden, metallic, glass, and plastic clocks depending on your taste and artistic style. 

The clock you choose should ultimately elevate the overall look of your room, looking cool while packing an aesthetic burst. 

Supreme Signature Homes have a great selection of wall clock designs. We have handpicked the best designs from their store. So, here you go: 



This clock by Supreme Signature Homes is not your regular wall clock. It is a double-sided wall clock so that you can view time from both sides. The Roman numerals add a perfect vintage look. 

The inspiration is taken from the train station clocks. It is perfect to put up in lobbies and corridors. It is well-suited to put up in corners as well. 



Named as Hotel D’Anton Wall Clock, this piece has a shabby creamy and black color. With the white Roman numerals on a black background, the contrast is strikingly impressive. The circular wall clock gives a rusted look and acts as a perfect vintage piece. 

This clock is available at Supreme Signature Homes and requires common double A batteries to operate. 



Remember when we were talking about funky clocks? This clock by Supreme Signature Homes is a perfect example of that.  

Having a circular shape, it is a wooden styled clock with a rough touch on the exterior. All the numbers have different colors with varied contrasts, which makes this clock a unique item. 

This clock matches the wooden interiors of an ethnic yet modern sophisticated living room. Wooden design elements create a warm living space and exhibit an unparalleled charm and magnificence. 




[Text Wrapping Break]Table clocks are a great trend and we are here for it. They are a must-have item for your work table, to be on top of your deadlines. 

This Table Clock Radio, offered by Supreme Signature Homes is a unique item, as it is a hybrid of a clock and a radio. The two knobs for adjustment and two V-shaped antennas give the old-school vibes of a radio.  

The black Roman numerals with black needles depict time perfectly. The bottom half is a radio and the upper half shows time. It carries a rustic look, which makes this Table Clock Radio, a perfect vintage piece.


This metallic clock by Supreme Signature Homes is sure to be the center of attraction of any modern living room.  Displaying a unique framework of gears and mechanical details, this matte black clock is inspired by Swiss designs. 

The lustrous surface is sure to reflect your image. The black Roman numerals exhibit a fine, contemporary look.  

The best feature of this product? It does not have a ticking sound! Unlike usual clocks, this clock is soundless. So, despite being an analogue clock, this clock gives no sound. 

So, here are the 5 best wall clock designs as presented by Supreme Signature Homes. All of them are unique in their way. You can choose the one that suits your personality and the interior of your home. 

Wall clocks are the easiest and the most practical way to enhance your walls. They keep you punctual and save a whole lot of money as you don’t require to buy other decorative items to jazz up your walls. So, give your space an instant makeover with wall clocks! 


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