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Why Creative Art Work Matters When It Comes to Nail Polish Boxes?

Extravagantly and creatively designed nail polish box is liked by consumers

Nail polish is a product that makes one's nails look beautiful. It is a beauty product. Nail art is trending, with ladies painting their nails in creative ways. The product can be found in many colors. There are also a lot of brands that produce them. When you see all nail polishes from various brands on one shelf, what attracts you towards a particular one? It may be that you are looking for a certain one, but if you are not, then it is the nail polish box that can do this. It can occur only if it is designed outstandingly.

The following aims to tell why creative and imaginative artwork is essential for nail polish boxes.

The customer base likes this

Whatever product you are packaging, you need to keep in mind what the consumer base is drawn towards. With nail polish, most of the customers are girls, ladies, older women, etc. You have to keep in mind what they like when designing the box for nail polish. Women who paint their nails uniquely can be said to be artists. They will look for something creative. Some ladies prefer experimenting with nails by adding coats of beautiful colors. Ladies tend to buy nail polish, carefully looking for one that is of good quality. If the packaging is like this, they will think the product inside is similar.

Your potential customers here will be drawn towards something that is unique and looks elegant. If the nail polish is for teenagers, you can choose funky art that looks like handprinted. If it is for ladies, then elegant and chic designs stand out. Women have been made in such a way that they are drawn towards something that appears attractive.

Simple artwork

You do not have to add much detail to make something artistic. Simple can work wonders as well. Being simple and useful looking can sell. Ladies prefer buying this product that has sleek along with plain packaging. It contains all the necessary details and looks clean.

If you look at some famous brands, they have their logo designed artistically, which gets printed on the box. They choose a stylish font and add it uniquely so that it looks fantastic. Take the example of "NARS." Their logo uses a simple font, but they have made it connected artistically.

Follow the product

custom nail polish

Color is essential when it comes to creating something exquisite. According to the color of the custom nail polish, the color of the packaging can be chosen. No doubt, ladies like creative things, but they also want to know exactly what color the nail polish is. This will help them. If you have created a one of a kind color, it will draw eyes towards it if this color has been used on the packaging box.


Another great idea is to have a white background, and on this, a drawing can be printed, which looks amazing. The wholesale nail polish boxes like these will be original. You need to connect the design to the product.  For instance, the drawing on the box can be of someone's hand and nails. It can be created artistically in black and white. On one nail, the color of the nail polish inside can be painted. This will allow it to stand out on top of the white background. It will be prominent and catch the eyes of consumers.

Be natural

Many ladies are concerned about packaging and overall pollution and the effects that this is having on the planet. To draw them towards your brand, you can choose natural materials for the packaging and make the design as such also. Materials include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft.

To make the design look natural, you can have a box that has a print of a tree trunk, for instance. It can be of rainforest and plants. Green, brown, and earth colors will be employed. Cardboard nail polish boxes such as these will be seen as consumers will be attracted to the fact that the brand is following sustainable practices. You can also keep the design simple to show that you are ecofriendly.


wholesale nail polish boxes

Black is a color that attracts when mixed with other shades as well. You can have a box with a black background. These designs and printing can occur. For instance, if the nail polish is pink inside, the color used for the graphics can be pink. The graphics can be flowers, leaves, drawn artistically. The logo of the brand will be added, as well. This type of box stands out because it looks pretty. People will also know what color nail polish is present inside.

Girls prefer buying nail polish and arranging this on their dressing table. They will be drawn towards the brand with attractive custom nail polish boxes. These will look well placed in their room. The packaging should be attractive but also keep the sensitive product safe within.

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