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Ideas for an exhibition with a modest budget

We are all familiar with the statement “Do well or don’t do at all”, right? However, when it comes to your exhibition, this is not always true. The best exhibitions do not always mean a large budget

Ideas for an exhibition with a modest budget


We are all familiar with the statement “Do well or don’t do at all”, right? However, when it comes to your exhibition, this is not always true. The best exhibitions do not always mean a large budget.


Yes, we know that the cost of participation in the exhibition can be large. Especially when it comes to large international exhibitions: Mosbuild, Batimat Russia, UK Excel Exhibition and others. It consists of your expenses for renting the exhibition area, transportation and logistics costs, production costs for the UK exhibition stands builder and advertising materials, staff and much more. How important is this “Do the maximum or do not do it at all” when you are only at the beginning of your journey in the world of exhibitions? If your company does not plan a large budget for marketing, then saying “more is better” is actually irrelevant.

exhibition stands design

Let's see what initial steps can be taken in organizing a modular exhibition stands UK:

● You must determine the size of your booth and all the equipment that may be included in your participation fee. Most often, they can provide you with a drapery table, 2 chairs, a nameplate, and a wastebasket, but be sure to check this in the participant’s manual on the official website of the exhibition or upon request. Plan the space, draw how it will look. It is important to do this together with a representative of your stand so that everything looks decent at the exhibition. Be proud of your space! In the end, you spent money on attending the event.


Let's say you have a space of 3x3 meters and the above furniture. Do you need extra space to showcase your products or services? A table with a length of 1.5 - 2 meters can be placed along the back wall. You can set up more tables to arrange them in the shape of the letter “P”. Do not put the table in the middle of the stand - so you risk reducing the space and making it uncomfortable, and placing the table against the back wall will make your stand more welcoming.


About exhibition equipment

 A fairly inexpensive method will be to order a branded table cover, clearly visible from afar. Please note that it is better not to show the table legs, so worry in advance about the presence of draped cover, which is provided by the organizers.

● Another piece of furniture that has a low cost - racks. They can be of different sizes and most often white, but you can cover it in the color of your stand. This is a great option to show your products profitably.

● Shields and pegboards are also available in different sizes. It’s better to place them in the back of the stand. Pegboards will be useful if your goods are suspended, but if you use them, you need to understand how many hooks you need for fastening. Shields are needed in order to post images of your products. Take care in advance of the materials that you will attach these posters to.

● In addition to these, mention may be made of Slatwall - shop windows. They are available in silver. You can easily use one of the panels to increase the exhibition utility of the space of your stand. Do not forget to prepare the right number of hooks and shelves.

● You can add multimedia displays. First, use small desktop monitors, and then you can go to the Pop-Up stands. Their cost will include rent, unloading, installation, and uninstallation. Consider supplying electricity to your booth in advance. And, despite the fact that this is an additional cost, we recommend adding lighting, because the light in the exhibition halls is often small, even if it is the UK Excel Exhibition expo.

And then you can do whatever your imagination wishes! You can use the huge island displays or make your stand two-story, for example, on the second floor to negotiate with visitors. Of course, these designs are quite expensive.

And if you still adhere to the opinion “more is better”, we recommend that you get displays that can be disassembled and used at smaller events. This will definitely be the right decision!


If the process of ordering equipment seems confusing and complicated for you, then you can always use Protoplan! Our platform will help you familiarize yourself with the prices for rental furniture and accessories for the stand, and Image Line Exhibition will help you track the tasks of loading, unloading and installing them, wherever your exhibition takes place! This will allow you to foresee all costs in advance and not worry about the progress of work! We have gathered the best world experience to ensure that your exhibitions are held at an exceptionally high level!

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