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15 Ways to Surprise Your Little One

Children of young age need to play with higher level toys that sharpen their mind and enforce physical activities, and due to this reason, while selecting a surprise gift or toy, it should have cared for that product should challenge the growing abilities of children physically and mentally. There is a list of 15 ways that surprise your little one.

1. BrainBolt: It is a classic game that is a memory booster and serves as the best way of killing time on a long journey.

2. Paper aeroplane controlled by smartphone: It encourages children to play outside and teaches principles of aerodynamics, flight and sharpens their reflexes.

3. Marble Circuit logic board: It helps in developing cognitive skills and amazes your child.

4. Action Figures: The action figure of your child's favourite character will surprise them and increase their joy to many folds, and parents can purchase Sonic action figure


5. American Ninja warrior game: It is an amazing game that improves the skills of your child and increases their level of enjoyment.

6. Toys to make a racing car: The game of making a racing car is amazing, and it surprises your child.

7. Meltdown: It is a game that enhances the critical and analytical skills of a child, and they also like it. 

8. Carpool Karaoke: It is an amazing gift that surprises your child, and children can enjoy singing on it 

9. Boost Creative Toolbox: Children are able to make and program a robot and play with it 

10. PLAYMOBIL: It is an amazing gift that provides the experience of playing with a spaceship to the child

11. Butts Up Electronic Game: It is a fun game that can be played with the family members 

12. Star war game: Children can play amazing games form 270 pieces 

13. Made Easy Craft Set: Children can play with the craft set and make amazing art pieces

14. Tiny Pong: A game that improves coordination between hand and eye 

15. Make Your Own: Cross-Stitch Jewellery box: Children can make their own jewellery from pieces.

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