Buying A New Laptop: Getting The Right One

Family members birthdays and other anniversaries are a great occasion to show the appreciation through a great present, and what present can be more valuable than a brand-new laptop.

Either you are shopping one for mom, dad or for kids it is important to take some cautionary measures not to turn this wonderful surprise into a disaster. If you are looking for a laptop for nursing student or any profession, you should check the top laptop picks of LaptopJudge, TheVerge, Engadget or CNET.

Buying a cheap new laptop can be the first reasonable option to take into consideration, but there is more to know. You need to know the habits of that person related to using any computer and what hobbies he or she might have.

This is important to establish what use of laptop that person might find. When we are talking about children that love to play games on their favorite console it will be hard to make them love a laptop even when that laptop can handle a lot of games.

There are many wonderful games designed for consoles where the PC versions lack the responsiveness and even the wonderful graphic that console version had. That’s why kids will still love playing games on console.

Even tech wiz persons might choose the wrong laptop for one family member if they don’t take into consideration the needs of that person. First mistake might be the size of that laptop.

Buying a multipurpose desktop replacement when the need was for an ultra-light netbook is the common mistake people make. Another mistake is buying the laptop after its slick appearance and not considering the performance. This way the present will turn into an expensive high-tech piece of furniture, because it will not rise to the demands of the user.

Always it is best to keep a secrecy about the present to make the surprise even more pleasant, but when people that don’t know anything about technology will shop relaying on sales person advices this will be a sure way they will end up with the most expensive laptop from the store that can serve a lot of purposes.

Budget laptops get overlooked when it comes to presents even though these are very affordable and can be used for light photo editing, internet surfing, e-mailing, word processing even video processing for major video sharing sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, Videojug, and others. Now you see the reason why buying a cheap new laptop shouldn’t upset anyone.

Connectivity features make laptops the favorite choice for everyone who doesn’t want to be tied up to a desk and loves to browse the Internet from everywhere. When this feature it is not taken into consideration, many customers will pay more than they need.


Don’t overspend on the latest wireless technology embedded in that laptop if you will not make any use of it during the average usage lifetime of that laptop.


Many people will be more than satisfied only with basic networking features such as phone jack for dial up Internet, Ethernet port and if they will feel the need for wireless connectivity will buy a cheap wireless card for it. Emphasizing too much the importance of a faster processor and making economy on the amount of RAM is not the best choice.


This will be like forcing a fully grown up adult to wear kindergarten children clothes. Microsoft’s newest operating systems need at least 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly, then anything more than this amount will be better.

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