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iConnectX - One of the Best Online Donation Platform for Nonprofits / Charities in USA

Online Donations / Contributions for various social causes like children education, health, water, disaster relief across different parts of world or your country makes you feel happy. Then It's a time choose a most trustworthy online donation platform.

Raising money for charities can be tough and does not guarantee enough funds to meet program goals, and you will need the right online fundraising platform to ramp up your fundraising efforts

iConnectX has a fundraising solution! It's one of the best online Donation platform for nonprofits/Charities. Where nonprofits can connect with giving-minded professionals and invite them in professional participation like participate in volunteer activity, creating virtual fundraising events, make online auctions and online donations, etc. ​​

Are you tired of asking donation for non-profits in person, over the phone and through letters? 
Now iConnectX has made your fundraising very simple and  easy with online donation platform. Take some time to visit iConnectX to explore the fundraising solutions and Sign up to Expand your fundraising effort using an online donation.

Do you want to know how to raise awareness for a Cause? If Yes, Here are 8 ways in which one can proceed to accomplish your goal. Please find below.

  1. Event Awareness - Often, hosting events to raise awareness towards social and other causes leads to exemplary results. 
  2. News - Speak about your cause concerning an existing news story. Often is a social cause is discussed along with breaking news,
  3. Organize a service project - Service projects provide opportunities for people from various groups such as corporates to volunteer together for a particular cause.
  4. Distributing brochures - Distributing brochures which highlight important details related to your cause can help people become more informed.
  5. Call-in/Become an Expert - Doing research and publishing case studied or statistical data can add legitimacy to your cause. Not only does such work allow for critical engagement with an issue, but it also allows people to properly understand the cause and work accordingly.
  6. Social Media - Social media today has tremendous power to change things. GoFundMe campaigns shared on social media have often garnered immense support and funding, for individuals. At a larger level, making shareable content makes people more likely to share something. 
  7. Have social media/other coverage for your event - If you choose to organize an event for awareness, do remember to live-stream it or ensure it garners necessary media attention. This raises cause awareness amongst viewers or followers.
  8. Selling Merchandise - Often, people are able to more greatly connect with a cause and feel a sense of belonging towards it. People wearing merchandise such as T-shirts in public is one of the fun ways to raise awareness. It causes people to start a conversation and begin to engage with the cause.

To get detailed information of each one visit this blog: Raise awareness for a cause.

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