Canon Printer Overview

Canon Printer Overview

Canon Printer Overview

Canon printers are versatile as they tailor each printer series according to the user's needs and functionality requirements. For professional photography and design related printing, Canon has developed a series of printers that are available online at various price points. Canon printers are cost-effective and efficient as they use advanced colour and monochrome printing technologies to achieve professional printing results from the comfort of your home office or studio. It will print an A3+ photo in less than 3 minutes thus saving precious time that can be dedicated to other tasks.

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Canon Printer Description


Canon printers are recommended for commercial, business and photography projects especially because they deliver high-quality durable prints on water-resistant matte polypropylene, vinyl banner and Tyvek sheets for printing.

Colour Printing Technologies

The Canon printers use LUCIA pigment plotter inks that are formulated as an emulsion-based dye instead of watercolour. technology uses microscopic solid particles in a liquid solution that do not smudge compared to other inkjet inks risk bleeding due to overheating. The LUCIA ink delivers high-quality prints on Inkjet paper and A4 paper.

The wide colour gamut will improve gloss uniformity and showcase fine details in even the darkest parts of the photographs. It can reduce unnecessary bronze and grain delivering a perfect colour and monochrome print.

The 5-colour TD pigment ink system along with the Multifunction Roll makes the commercial printer model called Canon TX an affordable and budget-friendly printer for businesses.

Monochrome Printing Technologies

For its monochrome printing, the Canon printer uses 3 to 5 monochrome inks and a dedicated driver called Black and White to achieve an extensive greyscale. The Chroma Optimizer built into the printer will further enhance glossiness and achieve a rich black density. 

Types of Canon Printer:


The PIXMA professional photo printer is ideal for small businesses and independent photographers. It is imperative that all A3 photography and graphics printing has a high colour gamut and DPI. The 12-ink or 10-ink system or 8-ink system is capable of delivering 4800  x 1200 DPI. It is compatible with A4, Letter, 20x25 cm, 13x18 cm, 10x15 cm, 13x13 cm and 8.9x8.9 cm paper sizes.

TS series

The TS series will achieve professional photo printing as it uses LUCIA inkjet inks with 6 individual inks tanks. The PIXMA TS5350 Series' and PIXMA Home Office range offers a wide range of media printing, downloadable creative applications and Bluetooth connectivity. The Canon home printer will print, copy, and scan all your important documents and graphics at an affordable price.

Canon TX and Canon TM

Canon offers commercial-scale printers such as the Canon TX and Canon TM. The TX 3000 is a 36-inch wide printer ideal for printing large scale construction blueprints and commercial photography prints. It can print 3 D-sized sheets per minute at a lower cost than most other inkjet printers. The Canon TM prints 144 per D sized papers an hour making it capable of handling heavy loads without overheating or freezing.

PIXMA G series

The PIXMA G series is called a mega tank series that can print, scan, copy and connect to the cloud via the Canon PRINT application. The refill ink tanks have safe and secure ink bottles reduces any risk of leaked ink. The PIXMA G has a large paper capacity tray of 350 sheets and can print 18,000 pages of 3 black bottles or 7700 pages from a colour ink set.

Canon Pocket Printer

For users looking to print their smartphone photo gallery, the Canon Pocket Printer is also available online. It is a pocket-sized making it easy to carry along with your smartphone. Users can instantly share photographs with friends and family as nostalgic memorabilia that they can keep for life. 

Display Features

The 2-way printing feature is easily accessible through a 10.8cm colour touchscreen and user-friendly interface saving users paper and time. Canon printers are designed to easily integrated physically and technologically with your home and business. They are compact and light ensuring that office space is not wasted.


They are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. For smartphones users, the Canon printer can take commands from iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. Canon printers offer connectivity features such as Wireless, Ethernet, Cloud connectivity and PIXMA Print Studio Pro print plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and


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