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Choose Pride Go Go Travel Mobility Scooters Models to Enjoy Comfort and Stability

As a person gets older, his mobility decreases. Some of the main factors that contribute to this change are cognitive disorders, arthritis, cardiopulmonary conditions, etc.

As a person gets older, his mobility decreases. Some of the main factors that contribute to this change are cognitive disorders, arthritis, cardiopulmonary conditions, etc. This is certain- these problems reduce their mobility and they still have a desire to lead an independent lifestyle. For them, mobility scooters are the best way to lead a stress-free life without depending upon others. Though different kinds of mobility scooters are available in the market, it is a wise decision to buy scooters of the reputed brand to get value for money offer. One such brand is Pride Mobility and the most popular models belong to Pride Go Go series of Travel Mobility Scooter.

The Go-Go series of Pride Mobility gained immense popularity in the market due to its excellent features and superior design. The users can choose the scooter based on folding or feather-touch disassembly. They can even choose the configuration both in 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler category. Some of the standard features of Pride Go Go Travel mobility scooter 3-wheeler are delta tiller with a charger port, compact seat with armrests, interchangeable shroud panels in blue and red color, easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob, flat-free tires, etc.


When you are driving the pride scooter you are going to find a comfortable seat, the height of which can be adjusted according to convenience. The seat post gives maximum stability andyou will experience a smooth ride. The battery of the vehicle gives a lasting endurance and takes you for a long ride without getting discharged soon. One time full battery charge is enough to drive the pride scooters for long hours without the battery charge collapsing in the middle of the road. So, you can stay assured and feel confident during the ride. The motor of the vehicle is silent and makes no sound.

Pride scooters are not just powerful machines but they are convenient too. There is a basket at the front attached to the tiller for carrying items. You can also add additional accessories like backpacks, armrest bag, cup holder, water bottle holder, and so on. It is left upon you how you would like to design your scooter. You can add a canopy, a flag, scooter mirrors, seat cushion, backrest comfort cushion, and so on.For your information, the scooter has an auto-connecting front to rear cable and an auto-latching lockup mechanism.

Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter 4 Wheel

It is one of the most compact foldable mobility scooters in the market today. It offers ease, comfort, stability and portability. The scooter features a unique folding design which is easy to fold in simple three steps. It will be a perfect companion for your outdoor travels which you can fit easily in a train, car, plane or boat. Available in a standard white color, the salient features of the scooter are:

  1. Weight holding capacity of 250 lbs
  2. It runs up to 13 or 9 miles in a single charge with a speed of 4 MPH
  3. It has articulated front end for greater stability
  4. It has height-adjustable tiller design
  5. It offers optional armrests
  6. It has ultra-bright front and rear LED lights.

Both the models of Pride Mobility- Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter 4 wheeler and Pride Go Go Travel Mobility Scooters are available on an affordable rental basis. Users, which cannot afford buying, can take these scooters on a rental basis for both short and long duration.


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