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Clean Your Pet at Home: Best dog grooming tools and supplies / dog grooming tools

Due to these unpredictable times of the pandemic, you do not know when the third outbreak of the disease may erupt and there may be a potential lock-down announcement again. Post lockdown, we've all tried to do everything imaginable in our home alone. Now we can bake, groom ourselves without any help from the salon and a lot of other things. Now we know how to do all the things while we're sitting at home, because if we can groom ourselves at home, then why should our pets be deprived of a good hair day or well cut nails?

Here in this blog, we are about to discuss everything about good dog grooming tools to keep your baby look paw-fect. Let’s dive deep into the Best dog grooming tools and supplies.

1.  Dog Hair Brush

If the pet falls under the category of "smooth-coated" (say Greyhound, Pug, or Dalmatian), a rubber curry like brush will work the best.

You may use a wet coat, as in when you're bathing your puppy, or on a dry coat between bathing touch-ups. Crafted to feel like such a relaxing massage, this kind of brush easily extracts an amazing amount of hair.

You'll need to have a slicker-type brush for pets with long hair. The twisted metal teeth on this brush are made to penetrate the undercoat through the guard hair and extract dead hair. It is designed to help against tangles and mats.

2.  Coat Spray

If your dog has a sleek fur coat or a long, swirling lock, a mist spray when you start brushing or combing is a brilliant idea. Spritzing a grooming spray reduces static in the coat and lets the grooming equipment slip into your pet's hair. This is also specially formulated to assist you to navigate through tangles and help avoid potential tangle while leaving a good fragrance.

3.  Comb

In maintaining long-haired coats in excellent condition, many pet parents neglect the essential role of a good quality comb. The key is by using the slicker brush through the neck to tail first.  Then run through all over the coat.

For dogs of all ages, a steel pet comb is created which eliminates tangles. This comb is meant to locate any places of distress, such as minor tangles or places at which dead hair is bunched and concealed. For those places, take your slicker brush out, and then run through it with your comb to make sure there are no tangles. Do not only go over the top of the coat but comb from the skin to its tips of the fur.

Pick a flea comb for your pet if your pets are suffering from ticks or pesky fleas. A  dog flea comb is intended to make the flea treatment process more fun for you and your dog and does not irritate at all.

4.  Dog Shampoo

Do not use any shampoo, make sure that you buy a good quality dog shampoo. Check the ingredients of the shampoo before purchasing it, it should contain properties that are not too harsh but at the same time gently cleans all the dirt in the coat and skin too.

Here is a quick tip:

Take a bowl full of warm or lukewarm water, add a little portion of dog shampoo and mix it well. Take a fresh kitchen dish washing sponge and dip it in the bowl and start bathing your pet dog. The sponge will change the game of bathing as it will thoroughly clean the paw, face and private parts.

5.  Bath Wipes

Bath wipes are perfect for a swift cleanup between those bath sessions whether your pet rolls on either a dead insect, gets goop in the inner corners of eyes, dirty paws or a dubious potty-area spill. There are plenty of products on the market that offer some excellent deodorizing bath wipes that are also alcohol-free, with a moisturizing cleanser to better preserve the health and shine of your dog's hair.

6.  Mild Conditioner

Stick to purchasing a gentle conditioner that can help restore the natural oils which the shampoo has absorbed from the skin of your dog immediately. It is also produced to soften the finger nails of the hair shafts, making the coat of your dog clean and polished. Conditioners can prevent tangled coats, along with proper grooming and combing.

7.  Nail Clippers

Clipping nails is a very necessary aspect of hygiene, as pet parents may know that pups will scratch themselves so hard that they can also get injured. Choose a nail clipper that is sharp but at the same time has a good grip to hold.

8.  Dryer

Choose a microfibre towel and make sure not to rub instead try pat and squeeze to dry as rubbing may cause to tangle.  If you are looking for a dryer for your pet then choose a brand that has high velocity which will help to blow the dead hair stuck on the coat.

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