Clear a Paper Jam Issue on HP Inkjet Printer

Or you might make or break something because of the lack of proper knowledge. It is always advised to not tinker with hardware without adult supervision.

HP makes a lot of utility equipment and printers are among them. Generally, HP produces some world-class products that range from laptops to computer to printers. They have carved a niche for themselves among the consumer tech companies. However, the printer is one consumer tech that is loved by everyone worldwide. They make different kinds of printers with different purposes. But, today we are going to look at HP inkjet printers. We will look at how you can clear a paper jam in HP inkjet printers within minutes. You need to follow the instructions listed below the way they are described.

HP makes several different models of inkjet printers. These printers are used to print black and white and color documents on demand. 

However, sometimes a piece of paper gets stuck inside the printer while printing a job. That time a jam occurs and the printer will either push out a broken or smudged paper. Clearing a paper jam is not that difficult, you just need to open the inkjet printer and remove the jammed paper from there. If you think you are not up to the task just by reading the instructions, call experts at HP customer support number and get voice instructions every step of the way.

We’ll look at the steps to clear the paper jam issue on the HP printer. These are great steps for removing the paper stuck in more than one locations. While all HP inkjet printers are similar in design but you may have to make a slight adjustment.

Let’s get started.

Steps to clear a paper jam in HP inkjet printers

  • The first step is to check for the broken piece of paper in the paper tray. 

    • If you notice any piece of paper, remove it immediately. 

    • Gently pull out the paper if it gets stuck while feeding on the tray on the printer. 

    • Push the Resume button if this is the only paper jam. 

  • Remove the rear access door – By removing the rear access door will provide you clear sight to where the paper is stuck or jammed. 

    • You can use the knob or clasp to release the rear access door. 

    • Remove any paper you see stuck in the rollers and make sure that you remove every piece of paper from there that includes scraps of paper ripped pieces. 

    • Now, put the rear access door back on if there is no other paper is there. 

    • Press the resume button to check whether the paper jam is cleared or not.

  • Open the front cover – You need to check for the additional paper by lifting the front cover of the inkjet printer. 

    • Remove any paper stuck there very slowly to prevent the printer from breaking. 

    • Forcefully closing the door has chances or damaging the door.

  • Print Carriage – Now, you need to check whether the print carriage is moving freely or not. 

    • It must be able to move freely from one side to another. 

    • Don’t try to force if it gets stuck on something. 

  • If the printer carriage is not moving freely, rotate the rollers inside the printer for 3 full rotations using your fingers only. And you need to roll them in the upward direction to make sure that everything can move easily. 

  • Now, you should test the printer if it is working correctly or not. First, you need to reload the printer with plain papers. 

    • Try to print a test paper from the control panel. 

    • You need to hold the resume button until it started printing a test page.

Call the HP printer support number if the test paper does not print, or you continue to get paper jams in the inkjet printers. They are available to help the HP printer users in any capacity they can. And you can call them at your convenience as they are available 24*7 to support you. Your call would be picked up straight away as there is no waiting time for their services.

These steps should fix the paper jam issues in the HP inkjet printers. However, you may need an expert voice in your ear to guide you through the procedure.

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