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CodeIgniter vs CakePHP vs Laravel: Which One Should You Choose?

In the digital sphere, there are numerous PHP frameworks available that are best for developing websites. These frameworks are equipped with rich functionality and features that are helpful in building high-performance websites.

Being a popular server-side scripting language, PHP offers a suite of frameworks that are ideal for website and web app development. Choosing between CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Laravel is a tough decision as all of them come with their own set of benefits. If you are thinking of PHP web development and not able to decide between them, then this post will prove useful for you.


Which One is best- CakePHP or CodeIgniter?

Usage Convenience

When it comes to ease of use, CodeIgniter is the winner. All the coding is performed under libraries and developers can check all the activities that are being done within CodeIgniter framework development. 

With CakePHP, coding is a simple process. The developers can create functional and feature-packed web applications in less time. 

Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Both CakePHP and CodeIgniter make use of the MVC model. CodeIgniter PHP framework can develop websites without using the MVC model. Due to this, the code becomes unsecure and anyone can access the add query filtration.

On the other hand, it becomes difficult to develop a website without the MVC model in CakePHP. You can appoint a CakePHP development service to build websites and web apps using this framework.

Which One is best- CakePHP or Laravel?

Templating Engine

To create interactive layouts, a templating engine is of great use. In contrast to CakePHP, Laravel offers a configurable and flexible template engine. This gives the developers the convenience to include any feature without any difficulty. 

Framework Architecture

With CakePHP, you will get class inheritances that can be used easily. In addition to that, it comes with an improved structure that provides ease of maintenance. In the case of Laravel, it has an architecture that is compatible with third-party plugins.


Which One is Best- Laravel or CodeIgniter?

Learning Curve

Compared to Laravel, CodeIgniter has a small learning curve. However, Laravel provides a larger number of tools and features than CodeIgniter. With the addition of more features, its complexity gets increased. Due to this fact, it will be difficult and time taking for beginners to grasp things. 

In CodeIgniter, the developers will not feel any hassle while understanding its functionality. This is the reason for the increasing popularity of this PHP framework.

Stability & Reliability

Laravel is MIT-licensed and the source code comes under GitHub. This makes it a highly reliable platform as compared to other PHP frameworks. If you need a stable framework, then you can consider CodeIgniter. 


Final Words

After going through the detailed comparison between these frameworks, it will become easy to decide which framework is suitable for your project. You should check the complete functionality of the frameworks and then take any decision. 


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