Preparing for a Move

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for a Move

For an ultimate moving experience, avoid the following mistakes while packing your household belongings.

It is impossible to avoid silly mistakes while relocating to a new house, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is okay to make blunders but make sure they won’t lead to serious damage. You need to be extra careful when packing your fragile items, disassembling the large furniture and lifting heavy boxes. 
If you are moving to Brisbane with your family, then do proper research and try to plan things ahead of time. It is good to hire professional Brisbane removalists at least 6 weeks before your final moving day. For an ultimate moving experience, avoid the following mistakes while packing your household belongings. 

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1. Not Doing Enough Research 
Many people hire a moving company without any research. This is one of the biggest mistakes because you are letting unprofessional movers manage your much-loved possessions. 
It is important to do proper research in your local area for the best removals company. You can take referrals from friends and relatives who have recently hired the service. This will give you better clarity about the company you are planning to hire for your next relocation. 
Read customer reviews, check their pricing policies and shortlist at least 5 companies so that you can compare their quotes. 
Tip: Make sure a company is fully licensed and insured. 

2. Wasting Money on Unnecessary Packing Materials
Packing is one of the important steps that can protect your belongings throughout the process. Of course, packing materials can keep your valuable possessions intact, but you can’t spend all your money on unnecessary products. 
Instead of buying any random stuff, first, prepare a complete list of supplies you need for a safe and sound relocation experience. You can ask local liquor stores and shopping complexes in Brisbane for free boxes. Use socks and egg crates to store knickknacks, cover heavy furniture with blankets and towels, etc. 
This way, you can save your time as well as money while purchasing moving supplies or materials. 

3. DIY Moving Without Checking your Options
Most common mistakes people make is not hiring professionals for the transition of their household belongings, especially furniture. Most of them end up damaging their precious belongings. 
Apart from this, people make the decision on moving on their own without even realising the hidden costs involved in the DIY process, such as”
•    Buying packing materials
•    Renting lifting equipment
•    Renting a moving truck
•    Paying for fuel, etc.
Plus, they end up with personal injuries if they lift the heavy furniture using the wrong techniques. That’s why it is good to evaluate the cost of a DIY move before making the right decision.
It is always good to hire trained furniture removalists in Brisbane, especially if you are moving to a new city.

4. Not Measuring the Hallway or entryway Area
It is one of the biggest mistakes when you have large furniture pieces to move, such as a dining table, pool table or bed. Make sure you measure the clearance areas of your new home. This will prevent the furniture as well as walls and floors from scratches and serious damages. 

5. Use Large Boxes For Heavy Items
Never pack heavy belongings in very large boxes as this could break your stuff due to extra space during the lifting, loading and transiting processes. Instead, pack heavy items in small boxes and add crumbled newspapers to fill the empty space. This will make it easy for movers to lift the boxes without causing any damage or injury. 
Use corrugated boxes to pack fragile items because they are sturdy and easy to hold. Large boxes are good for toys, pans, pots, small appliances, etc while extra large boxes can be used to put towels, blankets and bedsheets. 
Make sure you pick the right box for your household items while moving to the new place. 

6. Forget to Label Boxes
Never forget to pack your moving boxes if you to organise the entire process- even the unpacking process when you reach your new house in Brisbane. After securing the boxes with tape, write the relevant names on the box. 
For example: if you have packed glassware, lamps and other breakable items, write Fragile Items outside the box. This will help movers to safely and securely lift that particular box. 
Tip: Use a permanent marker while labelling your moving boxes.

Relocating home is a tedious process and people may end up making silly mistakes. If you are moving for the first time, keep these points in mind and never commit these moving mistakes. Also, hire trained and dedicated Furniture Removalists in Brisbane to ensure a safe and sound relocation process. 

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