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Complete Guide on Pricing For Hiring Custom WordPress Developer

Let’s get started with the aim behind this article that is to offer you an appropriate guide on pricing for hiring a custom WordPress developer.

No one is unaware of WordPress popularity!!

This powerful, flexible Content Management System (CMS) has empowered 30% of all websites on the internet. 

WordPress leads a lot of people to think that building an interface using the platform is entirely free of cost. It is partially correct if the price of engaging a web hosting and domain name services is not counted. Hiring a WordPress developer might be costly.

Hiring a dedicated WordPress developer can be an expensive scheme. The price involved for various websites developed by a professional WordPress developer is offered for the benefit of users.

The total price of creating an interface using the platform involves payment for four basic requirements.  

  • WordPress hosting

  • Domain name services

  • Custom website design 

  • Themes and plugins 

A user needs to identify what are the objectives behind investing in this digital world. This will help to understand whether any personalized solutions are needed or an interface can be built using available resources. The price is finalized after comprehending the basis of the interface. 

Let’s get started with the aim behind this article that is to offer you an appropriate guide on pricing for hiring a custom WordPress developer.

Cost Estimation of creating a basic website

A user can build an essential website using the CMS without hiring an expert. Because of its user-friendly and flexible nature. It makes anyone understand its operations quickly. 

A domain name can be acquired for a yearly charge of about $15. The web hosting services are available at a rate of approximately $8 per month.  

You can choose an interface from a wide range of free or paid themes after installing the free packages.  

There are numerous multi-purpose themes that can be used for all websites and templates explicitly built for interfaces. The addition of features comes next, which can be done with the help of plugins (free or premium).

The user can add a contact form or an image gallery that can be incorporated with the relevant plugins. 

Essential features like backups, malware scanner, and analytics for SEO are integrated.

The final yearly cost is settled according to the themes and plugins used. It may range from $45 to $100.

Cost estimation of building a website with additional features

With time, a businessman wants to scale up the operations of the business. It requires the addition of more features to the website. The association of new features will necessitate a staging site and an enhanced capacity for the interface. 

It is done to manage the increased number of visitors apart from no deterioration in its overall performance. All this can be achieved by upgrading the existing plan or switching to one which has all these benefits.

Various companies offer multiple plans designed for all types of customers and signing up for one will be beneficial. An expansion of the business will require the integration of some plugins. 

It enhances the marketing capabilities of the interface like in-depth analytics giving more insightful visitor data or email marketing. 

The backup capacity also needs to be increased. The security features like firewalls must be added to the interface.

All these additions will require paid registration. According to the hosting plans and other services, the final cost can range from $500 to $1000 every year.

Cost estimation of building an E-commerce website

The majority of owners hire a custom WordPress developer for building an e-commerce website. This platform provides some efficient and productive solutions for the purpose. 

An online store can be created without any professional help as per technical proficiency. 

One of the most popular and widely used plugins that helps in the creation of a virtual store is WooCommerce. It is available for free, but some additional features require some payment. There are other plugins that provide the same solution. But, its valuable features and the ease of use make it unmatched. 

Apart from the usual web hosting and domain name services, an SSL certificate is essential for any eCommerce website. The cost of which comes around to $ 70 per year. 

An SSL certificate ensures the secure transfer of sensitive data like customer’s payment instruments such as credit cards, usernames, and passwords, and is therefore vital for any virtual enterprise.

The essentials, such as backup, security, and marketing plugins, are incorporated after that. The final monetary burden for an owner range of $1000 to $3000 is settled later.

Cost estimation of building a custom website

Large enterprises opt for custom made websites. They want the project to stand out and fulfill their requirements which are usually on a vast scale. Such clients may not necessarily use a pre-existing theme and ask the WordPress design agency to create an entirely new one for them. 

Apart from this, the features needed will also be personalized according to the project. All this escalates the cost of such a creation. The maximum cost of obtaining a unique and utterly customized theme only can be cost around $5000. 

Such a project can be launched using managed WordPress hosting services. They provide the benefit of managed updates, premium support, high-grade security and other advantageous tools.

Every element of a custom interface needs to be built from scratch to establish its uniqueness. The development agency hired for the purpose can charge the owner at high rates. The average cost of getting a completely personalized interface can cost around $15,000.


It will be sensible for any owner to use a simple interface. It does not require significant investment. As the scope of the business grows, premium services can be hired for enhancing the features and improving the performance of the interface. 

We hope you liked this article. If there are some queries and suggestions, then let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out. Happy reading!! 

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