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Comprehensive Purchasing Guide For Freezer At BD

Every refrigerator is good at its job, which will be maintaining food and other items chilly. But beyond that, there are numerous other aspects associated with a refrigerator, like a layout type and capability, which one needs to consider while searching buying a brand new fridge.

Welcome to the easy and extensive buying guide for the fridge. So, you've decided to buy a new refrigerator to replace your old, aging one? Or just shifted to a new place and looking to buy a fridge? In any event, you are probably looking to buy one that's cheap, efficient, and seems good in your available area.

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Every refrigerator is good at its job, which will be maintaining food and other items chilly. But beyond that, there are numerous other aspects associated with a refrigerator, like a layout type and capability, which one needs to consider while searching buying a brand new fridge.

A fridge is an essential part of any household, and consequently, it is necessary to perform extensive research before picking the ideal pick. Even though there is no single most excellent fridge, this guide can allow you to choose one that will be the greatest under your requirements.

The Right Size

The first thing you need to do while picking out a deep freezer is to work out the size that will be the ideal match for your kitchen or committed fridge space.

Although fridges are typically recorded with total storage capacity, it's essential to pay attention to this width -- the main limiting factor for a refrigerator.

If you are buying a new fridge to replace your old one, measuring the breadth requirement is easy. Just assess your existing fridge's width and length to serve as the reference point while going through your alternatives.

However, if you’ve moved into some new accommodation, you might need to manually choose the dimensions of the space you've booked for the fridge. Once done, it's time to move on to the next step.

Which Type If You Go For?

The next step in choosing the very best refrigerator is to pick the door style or the refrigerator kind. Some prefer a French-door fridge for the sleeker profile and wider drawers and shelves; others prefer to get a side-by-side model because of its more extensive freezer section.

For all those on a tight budget, the classic top-freezer fridge is an excellent choice. Alternately, a counter-depth refrigerator is your go-to alternative for saving valuable space. Before summarizing the various fridge types, let's first understand that the single-door, double-door, and triple-door fridges first.

Single Door: The most cost-efficient fridge comes in the form of one door fridge. They have one door for obtaining the freezer and the food- compartment segments.

Double Door -- More expensive than one doorway fridges. Have separate doors for accessing food-compartments and freezer sections

Triple Door -- Much more expensive than a single-door refrigerator and more costly than a double-door refrigerator. Ordinarily, it adds more feel and style to a distance.

French Door Fridge

French Door Fridge has energy-efficient, generous capacity, small swing space, and doors that are available. Perhaps the most well-known fridges these days would be the French door fridges. These kinds of fridges have a bottom-mounted freezer and open just like a drawer with two half-width doors. Typically, French door fridges vary from 28 to 34 inches in terms of width.

In addition to bringing a contemporary look and texture to space, a French door fridge also minimizes excellent airflow. Even though most of them have a drawer-style freezer, a few models have French doors to the freezer area.

You should obtain a French door if you:

- Don't mind a less-organized freezer

- Have limited kitchen space

- Largely eat dairy items and fresh produce

- Normally store broad containers or dishes, such as large baking sheets and pizza boxes

Side-by-Side Fridge

Side-by-Side Fridge has budget-friendly, efficiently-sized, small door swing space and available doors. A side-by-side fridge gets the freezer on one side, typically abandoned, and the other's fridge section. Side-by-side fridges are a fantastic alternative for people on a tight budget. In terms of width, side-by-side fridges usually vary between 33 to 36 inches.

The Side-by-side refrigerator typically offers a slim profile, therefore limiting the total storage space. Regrettably, these fridge models are not as expensive as other refrigerator styles. Their smaller door swing space, however, makes them perfect for limited spaces.

You should get a side-by-side fridge if you:

- Eat more frozen food than a new food

- Have limited kitchen space

- Wish to have premium features at a lower price

Top-Mounted Freezer

The top-mounted freezer has a vintage layout, weatherproof and open door. A top-mounted freezer refrigerator model includes a freezer mounted on top of the refrigerator and a full-width fridge door. The timeless refrigerator is a no-frills version. Although French door fridges are on the rise, top-freezer models nevertheless can outsell them.

Typically, a Top-mounted freezer refrigerator model includes a diameter varying from as little as 23 inches to some decent 32 inches. Besides being a pocket-friendly unit, top-mounted freezer fridges are offered in a range of sizes to match all kitchen area requirements.

It would help if you bought a top-mounted freezer fridge for those who:

- Desire high energy efficiency

- Do not require non-essential features

- Have plenty of kitchen area readily available

- Mostly care about reliability

Bottom-Mounted Freezer

The bottom-mounted freezer has a convenient design, generous storage space, and open doors. Like top-freezer fridges, bottom-mounted freezer fridges pose an issue for an opening around a kitchen island or other tight spaces. Not presently in vogue, bottom-freezer units are typically made for small condos.

Regardless of the drawbacks, fridges with a bottom-mounted freezer offer excellent storage space for refrigerating and freezer sections. Hence, it enables storing food things of several shapes and sizes. Also, the eye-level refrigerator section is much appreciated by many people.

You should shop a bottom-mounted freezer refrigerator if you:

- Are not on a limited budget

- Have ample kitchen area

- Want to try something different or unconventional


Counter-Depth has a low-profile for maximizing kitchen space and doors that are available. When compared with the popular fridge types, counter-depth versions are shallow. A typical counter-depth fridge steps only 24 inches from the trunk to the door seal.

Counter-depth fridges integrate seamlessly with a counter, imparting a feel of openness to a kitchen and helping keep the walking distance open. In contrast, a regular refrigerator takes 8 to 12 inches of more ample space past the counter.

Surprisingly, Counter-depth fridges are available in French door and side-by-side styles. When compared with conventional full-depth fridges, they cost much, much more.

You should get a counter-depth refrigerator if you:

- Aren't restricted by the shopping budget

- Care into a great deal about the aesthetics of a refrigerator

- Don't require storage capacity like some full-depth fridge

- Have constricting kitchen space, such as a galley kitchen or an island tight


Mini-Fridge has very compacted, ideal for single person requirement and available doors. A mini-fridge is the best solution for a person living alone or needing heating only for them. It's the ideal alternative for much too smaller kitchens, rec rooms, offices, et cetera.

Mini fridges are available in many sizes and configurations, such as a glass front, double doors, and another freezer compartment. When some mini fridges have a freestanding design, others are intended for setup within a cabinet setup.

You should get a mini-fridge if you:

- Have too small space to spare

- Require pipes only on your own

- Want a fridge to hold restricted items, like drinks and beverages

What ability to elect for?

Moving into the next part of this easy and comprehensive buying guide for refrigerators, we have refrigerator capacity, which changes from model to model. Even fridges perfect to be labeled as the best refrigerator in Bangladesh includes a varying ability to meet unique requirements.

How much fridge capacity you require depends largely on the entire amount of people who will utilize it. For one person, less than 180 gallons of capacity could suffice.

But if 2 persons are going to share a refrigerator, then a fridge with a total capability somewhere between 180 liters to 310 liters might be enough. A refrigerator with a capacity of 320 liters to 510 liters may be ideal for a family with 4 or 5 members.

To get a requirement of more than six people, 460 liters could be the minimum capacity. The more it is, the greater it will be. However, remember that since the ability of a refrigerator grows so will the last price.

Other attributes

Before committing to a specific fridge version, assess for these extra critical attributes:


Even the same colors and surface textures may alter from one of the manufacturers. So, one way to bring a fridge that matches perfectly with your other appliances is to go for the same brand. But, you can choose another brand with just a little effort and time.

The typical built of any best fridge is stainless steel. Aside from being durable and robust, it places right with most kinds of home décor. Some fridges even feature a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.

Compared to the classic gray stainless steel, black stainless steel with a dark polymer coating is better. It's a lot easier to clean too. You can select a refrigerator with a bright solid color to coordinate with your decor if need be. However, they aren't the hype these days.

Functional Drawers and Shelves

The drawers and shelves of your refrigerator can be significantly different. Drawers that have rollers offer you a smoother opening and closing operation compared to those with plastic glides. Spill-proof frames are perfect, especially if you have kids or the elderly at home.

A hideaway or folding shelf is helpful in the way it allows you to fit a taller water bottle in addition to a pizza box without the need for manual height adjustment. Many French door fridges support a full-width drawer placed at the bottom, perfect for keeping platters and sheet pans.

Handle Style

The handle of a refrigerator can be a sizeable aesthetic factor for some people. If you are amongst them, understand there are typically two types of fridge handles. One is the modern style, curvy, smooth, and ergonomically designed, and the other is a professional handle, textured and straight. While some fridges may have to handle fashion alternatives, others will be available only in a single of these.

Ice Makers and Water and Ice Dispensers

Ice makers and ice water dispensers are incredibly convenient in the summertime or for regions that are mainly warmer throughout the year. Also, an ice maker is more common than water and ice dispensers.

Multi-Zone Climate Control

Multi-Zone Climate management is an extra layer of refrigeration in a refrigeration system, i.e., a refrigerator. Most fridges that are a budget buy have this feature, while every pricier refrigerator has it.

Noise Level

Every refrigerator makes some level of noise. But some are quieter and silent, while some are somewhat louder and unpleasantly loud. You have to go through customer reviews of your potential fridge choices to know more about the sound levels that they produce.

Energy Efficiency or Power Consumption

Newer versions are far more energy-efficient than their older counterparts. Thus, if you upgrade to a new refrigerator, disregard its type, then rest assured it will save more energy than the one you have right now.

Various fridges may have different energy evaluations, ranging from the cheapest 1-star into the maximum 5-star. However, note that the more energy efficient a refrigerator is, the more likely will it be pricier. So, it would help if you spent more to find the best refrigerator with greater energy efficiency.


A refrigerator is something that one purchases with an intent of multi-year, typically 4 to 10, use. Consequently, it is necessary to do in-depth research on locating the ideal one. I hope this buying guide for the fridge will allow you to ease your Samsung fridge selection task.

On the last note, the guarantee is an essential consideration for a fridge. Hence, you have to go for one who has the highest of it. You may also wish to buy elongated warranty options when available.



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