Concealed Blinds for Windows, Skylights and Doors

A modern feature which is gaining popularity and increasing in demand is the ability to conceal blinds when they are retracted, giving a minimalist, contemporary and clean look to windows, doors and skylights. Architects and interior designers are offering this option to blend in with building designs and enhance a luxurious finish.

Concealed blinds are motorised blinds that drop from a narrow slot in the ceiling or recess which also hides electrical connections for operation and automation. They are completely hidden from view when raised, giving a clear view from the window and remove the blinds from intruding on openings. These state-of-the-art solutions are becoming the standard for window treatments in smart homes and offices.

Advantages to Concealing Blinds

The benefits for this solution as well as the aesthetic appeal is that although they should be fitted ideally during the construction process, they can also be fitted retrospectively. Tensioned blinds for skylights and rooflights can also utilise this system with side channels and when not in use only a thin groove is visible rather than an extruded box and only the fabric is visible when deployed. There is access for easy repair, maintenance and replacement and the accumulation of dust is substantially reduced.

Manhattan Loft Gardens Blinds Closed

Where Can Concealed Blinds be Fitted?

The most frequent request for these systems are in modern, contemporary residential and commercial properties with stunning views and conceptualised by world-renowned architects and interior designers. They are exquisitely suited to elegant floor-to-ceiling windows similar to those we fitted in One Tower Bridge and the Manhattan Loft Gardens. They are also a fantastic solution for large roof windows and skylights.

For the best result, concealed blinds should be a consideration at an early stage of the project and fitted during the construction phase. This will also facilitate the installation of the electric operation systems, including building control units. 

The Benefits of Blinds in Offices and at Home

Blinds are an attractive window treatment that offer a modern, functional and reasonably affordable way to update your décor. With various colours, sizes and materials available this treatment can update your space easily and are sure to look attractive and contemporary.

When it comes to controlling the sunlight, it greatly depends on the direction the windows face and how the sunlight penetrates the room. The effective light reduction properties of solar shading help in protecting wood floors, carpets and furnishings from fading and discolouring from sunlight.

Overheating is a recognised concern and a growing problem due to various factors including climate change, electrical equipment and increasing amounts of glazing, especially within high-rise buildings. Unfortunately, even the standards which have been set out to create better living and working environments could also be a reason for overheating. For example, the regulations for building materials to keep buildings warm in colder months have been reported to cause overheating from excessively high air-tightness levels.

Solar shading with blinds effectively manages the entry of solar heat and light to provide a thermally and visually comfortable indoor space, that remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Accomplishing a glare free space all year round with the outdoor view maintained and a minimum energy demand on installed cooling, heating and lighting units. Properties that have a solar shading system that is effectively controlled helps to create a better indoor environment and can positively influence comfort, well-being and productivity in the home or workplace and significantly contributes to energy management.

The fabric utilised can make a difference since fabrics are made of different materials and colour, which can darken or lighten the room, cool or heat up the room, give daytime privacy or full privacy and create an atmosphere. For this reason, a blind shading expert should be contracted to advise you in the ideal solution for your office space. Our team maintain a skilled and efficient approach but are never too busy to have a friendly discussion regarding specific requirements.

Enviroscreen Blind Box

Enviroscreen are London’s most experienced and competent solar shading contractor with over 25 years of experience, we will help you choose the best solar shading options available that give you effective control of lighting gain coupled with durability for any demanding environments.

Blind Box is our bespoke and totally customised solution to conceal roller blinds within ceiling or wall boxes for windows and skylights, fitting seamlessly within your building structure. We design, extrude, fabricate, powder coat and install this innovative system along with custom-built blinds, motors, software and interfaces for electric operation and automation.


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