Custom Lotion Boxes

Custom Lotion Boxes can be decorated in several ways

Many similar Cosmetics are available in the market and each brand tries to impress their customers the best way possible.

The huge variety of lotions, moisturizers, hand and body creams, skin ointments, face masks are the kind of cosmetics that are available in several different forms, structures, sizes and shapes. Therefore, Custom Lotion Boxes can be modified and transformed just like these amazing products to impress the customers as soon as they come across these lotions and gels on the Cosmetics Display Counters. Squeezing plastic tubes can be packaged with Custom Bottle Neckers highlighting the type of product along with the major ingredients. Then Custom Lotion Boxes made with Die-Cut Boxes make the best Product Display Boxes as these Die-Cut Boxes are designed with Customized Display Windows to enhance the prominence of your products.

Let Branding be the master key to your sales locker

Branding of Custom Lotion Boxes is highly effective and efficient way to launch any particular Lotion or gel in the market. Get the company logo and the specialties of your lotions listed on the Packaging Boxes to facilitate decision making for your customers. Customers looking for Lotion rich in Vitamin E should be able to see that listed on the product without even using it. Similarly fragrant Body Lotions must also state the type of fragrance used and the usage instructions. There are some Sun Block Lotions that have special instructions associated with them, depending on the location customers want to see what product suits them the best. Therefore, OXO Packaging with history of perfect branding experience with large number of industries is able to suggest the most promising branding ideas that will help you reach your customers the bigger and better way.

Cosmetics need segregation so think about adding uniqueness to your Custom Lotion Boxes

Many similar Cosmetics are available in the market and each brand tries to impress their customers the best way possible. However, uniqueness is certainly the key to establishing a unique identity among your competitors. The question is how to segregate these almost similar Lotions? Well OXO Packaging specializes in providing you with Custom Lotion Boxes that are completely unique. For example a Corrugated Cardboard Box for the Lavender fragrance Lotion packed in purple colored Box, which makes it different because most Custom Boxes Wholesale would be plain White Cardboard Boxes. Then adding the product image or the image of any therapeutic herbs being used in the Lotions will enhance the beauty of packaging even more.

Promotions and Seasonal themed Custom Lotion Boxes

OXO Packaging stocks the whole range of Custom Lotion Boxes designs that can be ordered for special promotions offered by companies at different times of the year. Boxes with 10% discount tag printed in the corner of Cosmetic Boxes will attract the customers and lead to increased sales during special times of the year.  Special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Friendship celebrations and even Gift Boxes for weddings, birthdays and other special moments can be ordered to make your customers feel special while buying a particular product. Order prototype Custom Lotion Boxes to pass on sample Lotions to customers for free take away at product expos and display counters.

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