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Daniel Defense Magazine Torture Test

Daniel Defense made its rifles famous by having Larry Vickers do a torture test on the DDM4 V1 rifle. So we decided we needed to put the new Daniel Defense magazine through the same type of abuse. We wanted to push the magazine beyond what most would consider normal use.

DD Magazine Key Features:

The Daniel Defense magazine starts with the outstanding 32 round capacity, two more than the normal 30. The surface texture on the light-weight carbon reinforced polymer construction really gives it a nice, strong feel in your hands, even if they are sweaty. Daniel Defense improved the feed lip design and used an enhancing anti-tilt follower to make sure all your rounds are going to feed properly. They are easy to breakdown and clean, and the size is hardly bigger than your typical Pmag.

So, onto the fun.

Test 1: Testing the Daniel Defense magazine capacity.

We began to wonder how easy it would be to reach the 32 round capacity. So we filled the magazine to 30, 31, 32, and even reached a surprising 33rd round. A 34th round, however, would not go into the magazine. We were pleasantly surprised that more could be held than the advertised capacity. So we threw it in the SBR Mk18 upper and it ran as expected.

Test 2: Playing drums with the magazine, a table, and a steel target.

We decided to get a  little music going and beat on the hardwood table with the magazine; we did the same on a steel target and only knocked a few rounds out of the magazine. Then, in a rage of Hulk-inspired power, we threw the mag at the steel target, knocking a few more rounds loose and putting some gouges in the magazine. Satisfied with our musical performance, we loaded the MK18 again and it still ran flawlessly.

Test 3:  Run it over, you know, just for fun.

We figured that if our muscles weren’t good enough, than the three-ton suburban would be. So we put it on the ground and ran it over, reversed, and ran it over it again. Threw it up in the rifle and BANG! Another point for the magazine.

Test 4: Shoot it with a Glock 17.

Things got interesting on this test. We put the mag up on a target and engaged it with a Glock 17 9mm.  When we walked up to the mag, we immediately noticed a wire protruding out of the mag.

“Well, this will be a short torture test,” … or so we thought.


In a shocking turn of events, we inserted the mag into the weapon and it fed and ran perfectly normal.  It was quite spectacular to see the mag running with a wire protruding out of it.

Test 5: Shoot it with a 5.56 rifle.

We set the mag back on the target and shot it with a 5.56 round from the Daniel Defense MK18. It passed clean through the magazine. We inserted the mag back into the weapon and yet again, it ran flawlessly.

Test 6: Shoot it with 00 Buck from a  Shotgun.

We placed the magazine back on the target rest and engaged it with a Mossberg 930 loaded with 00 buck. The shotgun blew a dime size hole in the magazine and took off part of the lower half of the base.

We reinserted the mag into the weapon and it continued to feed normally until the magazine was empty. The only difference was that the bolt did not lock to the rear after the last round was fired.


Daniel Defense has built a very impressive magazine that will hold up to more abuse than what it is designed for. Its extra capacity makes it a great choice on the range or in competition. It was a lot of fun trying to kill the little 32 round DD Magazine and it was an eye-opening testimony of the Daniel Defense quality.

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