DAVIS ELVIN2021 spring product launch conference - sports watch is on fire! DAVIS ELVIN

A pioneer is someone who leads a trend in a particular area. In the watch industry, DAVIS ELVIN is undoubtedly

A pioneer is someone who leads a trend in a particular area. In the watch industry, DAVIS ELVIN is undoubtedly a young brand, but it attracts watch enthusiasts who active in pop culture with its novel and creative designs, and opens up a new watch culture.


On April 25th, DAVIS ELVIN 2021 spring product launch conference was held in Shanghai. The chief brand officer attended and explained the characteristics of DAVIS ELVIN's new product. He mentioned that 2021 products have a technological breakthrough - using the new white carbon fiber composite material to create watch cases. In the future, DAVIS ELVIN will focus on creating more unique and interesting watches.



At the new product launch conference, DAVIS ELVIN announced three booming new products in the DR05 series, DR05-1, DR05-D, and DR05-S. DR05-S is absolutely under the spotlight. What's more, they have shown the female watch - the Sicily series. Let's have a look at the new watches unveiled at this conference.

Extraordinary DAVIS ELVIN DR05


DR05-1 is the first product released. According to the official website of DAVIS ELVIN, the dial is inspired by the twin towers of modern cities. The white geometric figures outlined in the prototype of a large building, harmoniously and symmetrized on the dial, with no extra decorative details.


Next is the DR05-D with a strong Italian style. The daisy is the national flower of Italy, combined with the Italian tricolor, makes DR05-D the most humanistic one in the series. The fresh and eye-catching color scheme is bold in male watches, but it is perfect to wear in spring and summer.


Spring Spotlight - DR05-S


We focus on DAVIS ELVIN's spring main product - DR05-S. S means Surmount. DAVIS ELVIN has always been seeking new breakthroughs and surpassing itself, and DR05-S is the best proof of DAVIS ELVIN's strength.

The brand-new white carbon fiber composite material creates a barrel-shaped case. Different from black carbon fiber composite materials, white makes people look bright. The texture of the material itself is completely different from the past, brings a new visual experience. The high-performance carbon fiber composite material is light and strong and can protect movement well. After matte treatment, the watch surface is more ornamental and the texture is delicate. Several black lines drawing with a slight gradual effect make the white case more different.


Whether the on-site layout that fits the theme of the new product, the surprise of the new product, or the creative part of the model show, DAVIS ELVIN has delivered answers that exceed expectations. In some details, we can also see their intentions, and look forward to bringing us more unconventional creations.


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