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Definitive Guide to Increase the Direct Sales of your Hotel

Do you know how you can Increase the Direct Sales of your Establishment?

 One of the objectives that a (good) hotelier must have should always be to improve the sales of his direct channel and reduce the volume of intermediated sales, as long as this strategy does not penalize the total income of rooms of a hotel.

For many years, hotels were too dependent on intermediaries and the costs derived from their commissions, rappels, fees and others, becoming almost unaffordable by many establishments that saw their income statement cracking due to these costs that they grew out of control.

Fortunately for their management accounts, more and more hoteliers are investing in their direct channel, especially on their website, which automatically increases direct sales (at a lower cost) and decreases the income that comes from other portals. Sales, whose commissions are usually above 15/18%, next, we want to give you a series of keys that will help you improve the sales of your website:

Responsive and Sales-Oriented Website with Hotel Receipt Template

Nowadays, the client uses different devices to consult or reserve an establishment, so its adaptation to all types of terminals must be essential. In the same way, it must be easy to handle and allow the customer to make a reservation or an inquiry quickly and intuitively with hotel receipt template. If the potential client is already on your website, make the booking process as easy as possible and try to spend as much time as possible on it. It includes information about the rooms, photographs, payment method, location ... All kinds of information should appear on the website that allows the client to comfortably resolve any questions they may have about our hotel.

Perform SEM and SEO Actions

It is essential that your website has visibility on the internet that customers find it easily, in other words. As much as you have the best of the web pages, if you cannot get your website to appear in the search engine results, you will not get customers to use your website to make reservations through it. And that is your primary goal.

Offers More Competitive Conditions

They can range from including more flexible cancellation policies, offering slightly lower prices to making offers on bed and breakfast. If by contract you have established price parity, limit those rates to specific groups.

Inform that your Website Offers the best Conditions

In many cases, it is not only useful to offer more attractive rates, but we have to tell the client that on our website they will get the best price. Repeat the message clearly. It is vital, if we want to get their reservation that the client perceives that on your website they will get the best conditions.

Protect your Hotel Brand

Do not allow any intermediary to take advantage of Google searches of clients who expressly search for your hotel. Register the name of the hotel and report to Google any page in which the name of your hotel appears and that is not your own website.

Offers Added Values to the Customer by Booking on your Website

You can add a free upgrade (or at a lower cost), guaranteed parking space, premium Wi-Fi access, special room views, mini bar included with an attractive price ... Any service that the client sees as an additional advantage for booking at your "unknown" website instead of that well-known sales portal that appears in television commercials.

Offers Exclusive, Different Products

Use the resources available to your hotel (breakfast, spa, garage, connecting rooms,…) to carry out service packages that can hardly be marketed through a traditional online portal. You can also offer those room categories (the Presidential Suite, for example) that you know do not fit the most common customer profile in OTAs.

Make Sure to Always Offer the Last Room Available

Develop this strategy especially on dates when you are sure that the hotel is going to be full. Always try to make sure that the last available rooms are sold through your direct sales channel. Why can't you try to save the commission on those rooms that you know are going to be sold?

Loyalty the Customer

Through social networks or through mailing campaigns we can maintain regular contact with all your customers so that in the future they book through your website.

Show Comments from Other Customers

They will undoubtedly give a plus to your credibility and to that of your service, if you show the opinions of other clients who have already had a stay in your establishment. Manage comments proactively and efficiently for your interests. Every comment is a sales opportunity.

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