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Different Styles of Fashion Handbags for Women

At the cost of sounding just a bit dramatic, but what I want to say is that wholesale fashion handbags from She Star are not only purses to a woman, but also her portable world packed in a safety net.

At the cost of sounding just a bit dramatic, but what I want to say is that wholesale fashion handbags are not only purses to a woman, but also her portable world packed in a safety net. Think about it, whether you stop to quickly check the BFF or get into trouble due to some kind of cyclone, as long as your handbag is by your side, you have everything you need.
3-pack Pu Leather Tote Messenger Bag Purse Set
Unlike men who quickly grab keys and wallets, stuff them into incredibly large pockets and rush out the door, women pay more attention to what they carry with them. From lip balm used for chapped lips to emergency cosmetics, from hoarded tissues to sanitary napkins, many things are happening in women's handbags. So many words to say one thing, handbags are quite important. In addition, whether useful or not, it is definitely a very versatile accessory, and you can easily use it to decorate your garment.

  1. Shoulder Bag

    Color-block Pu Leather Tote Shoulder Bag
    This is the most basic must-have bag for every woman to have in her wardrobe. It comes with all the decorations you would normally associate with a ordinary handbag, such as zippered pockets, compartments and mechanisms to seal them. As the name suggests, this is a casual bag, intended to be supported on a shoulder with a strap that is thinner and shorter than a handbag. Shoulder bags are a very broad category, including various silhouettes and sizes.
  2. Satchel Bag

    Women Buckle Matte Handbag Shoulder Bag
    Another popular classic satchel bag is a bit like a soft-sided briefcase. This is a large bag, usually used for casual occasions, with a large loose sack attached to a belt. The traditional satchel has a very long belt that can diagonally span the entire body, while the contemporary handbag trend has seen several modern changes and adjustments to the basic form. Briefcases are more spacious than ordinary handbags, and the bottom of the rectangular body is flat.
  3. Hobo Bag

    High Capacity Tassel Leather Tote Shoulder Bag
    The hobo bag is made of soft, elastic materials, usually large, with a crescent-shaped body that is shaped and usually has a long strap that can be worn on the shoulder. The soft material of the tramp bag tends to collapse when it is put down. It usually has a spacious compartment, sealed with a single zipper, and is named after a strap that is traditionally carried by the homeless. In 2021, the trend of hobo bags is closely related to fashion, with a wide variety of sizes, contours and textures.
  4. Capacity Storage Travel Bag

    Colorblock Zipper Large Capacity Storage Travel Bag
    Although there are indeed some silhouettes and styles that specifically target the latter product, this product does not actually require much explanation, and is more like a unisex handbag than a lady's handbag. The travel bag is a large cylindrical bag with two belts and round ends. It is the first choice for carrying medium-weight luggage, such as when you go to a gym or even a small trip. The name of this bag originated in Belgium and represents the material originally used to make it.
  5. Backpack Purse

    Drawstring Buckle Faux Leather Backpack
    We all know what a backpack is, but recently, the size and fit of a typical handbag have become the focus of attention. Backpack wallets are a smaller and more fashionable variation of typical large backpacks, usually with details and decorations. The specific size and outline vary greatly, from backpack to palm-sized anywhere. Recently, we have seen backpack wallets made of leather and canvas, decorated with golden zippers, tassels or metal nails.
  6. Belt Bag

    Leopard Belt With Ring Decor Waist Bag Set
    The belt bag is the most influential one recently, and it has been one of the most popular items this season. This makes sense because it can satisfy your outfit styles without any effort, while also satisfying actual needs. The belt bag is usually a small zippered pouch with a buckle belt as a belt, intended to be worn on the waist. It is also called a waist bag, although the waist bag is different from the waist bag, it is more inclined to style and taste, rather than practicality.
  7. Clutch

    Beaded Pearls Evening Clutch Bag
    The clutch is a small, flat handbag with no belt or handle and no buckle on the top. It is the best choice for more fashionable occasions. In ladies' clutches, there are many kinds of silhouettes, forms and designs. You can choose texture, solid, sequin, embroidery and other options according to your needs. It is designed to be hand-held or carried under the arm, and there is only a small space inside to accommodate small items, such as money, lipstick or travel-sized beauty products.
  8. Wrist Bag

    Solid Color Buckle Zipper Wallet Purse
    Similarly, as the name suggests, the wrist bag is a small clutch-like bag with a zipper pocket attached to the loop and can be worn on the wrist. In terms of size, handbags are usually larger than ordinary wallets, and have a large open compartment for storing mobile phones, keys, etc., and a smaller zippered pouch for storing cash and cards. The wrist bag is simple and timeless, and it is also very easy to shape when matching various outfits.
  9. Bucket Bag

    Tassel Trim Checked Pearl Clutch Chain Bag
    Well, a bag in the shape of a bucket. Bucket bags are especially popular in the later period, and their sizes range from small backpacks to palm-sized carry-on luggage. Their popularity stems at least in part from the versatility of their styling and the specific form they can be used in school, work or everyday wallets. The colors, materials and styles of these handbags have evolved over time, but the basic barrel silhouette is the most basic. This kind of handbag is a bag decorated with amazing accessories, usually used with ethnic attire.
  10. Envelope Bag

    Leopard Colorblock Women Clutch Envelope Bag
    As its name mentions, a bag in the form and shape of an envelope. Envelope bags are elongated rectangular tote bags designed to be hand-held and have a triangular front cover like actual envelopes. Although you can find a mixture of straps and envelope bags, there are usually no belts. These are prepared for more fashionable occasions and gatherings, and only have enough space to accommodate some necessities.

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