Blood Sugar monitor

Different Types of Blood Sugar Monitors

Our body requires many nutrients to function properly. It requires proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and glucose. Glucose is also called Sugar.

Our body requires many nutrients to function properly. It requires proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and glucose. Glucose is also called Sugar. The function of Glucose in our body is to provide energy to it. A person’s body craves for sweet things whenever it feels tired and needs a boost of energy. Blood Sugar Levels are the levels of sugar in the blood. Sugar moves inside our body in the form of Blood Sugar and is transported to different parts of the body and different cells. It has a very important function in our body. Insulin, a hormone in the human body helps to regulate and control the level of Blood Sugar in our body. Whenever our body is not able to process Sugar Levels in the blood, it causes Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that affects the entire body and can be bad for your body in the long run. Diabetes treatment is very important and it is done through medicines, diet control, exercise, and regular monitoring of your sugar levels. Regular checkup and monitoring of Diabetes is a must. 

For monitoring, you can use a Blood sugar monitor. A Blood Sugar monitor is a device that can help you in measuring your Blood Sugar Levels at home easily. You only require a small amount of blood for it and a prick that will take your blood sample. The device will quickly give you the results and you can monitor your sugar level at home and then act accordingly. 

We have different Blood Sugar monitors available in the market. These are made by different companies and have different features and qualities. Blood Sugar Machine price varies from company to company. Even the features that are provided also effects Blood Sugar Machine price. Having a good Blood sugar monitor is very important for Diabetes patients. It can help you in treating your Diabetes properly. There are different types of Monitors available in the market and these are –

  1. Continuous glucose monitors- It is a monitor that is used to continuously measure your blood sugar levels. It can help you in studying the pattern and working of sugar levels in your body. It is a device that works continuously 24x7 and takes the measurement of your blood sugar levels after a short duration of time. These readings can be used to study how your body is performing and whether you have diabetes or not. This monitor uses the fluid that is available in your body and it contains sugar in it. It is easy to use them at home and your Doctor by reading the data of this machine can recommend you your treatment accordingly.

  2. Noninvasive monitors- Well this was also another type of monitor that was used by people to measure blood sugar levels. This device was not a very successful type of device. This device used electric power to pull blood from the user’s skin. It proved to be very damaging and was discontinued from the market. We don’t have any such kind of monitors in the market now.

  3. Hospital Glucose monitors- These are devices that are used by hospitals where a large number of patients are admitted. This helps in measuring the glucose levels for many patients which are later on converted into computerized reports.

  4. Modern monitors- These are the monitors that are now used by people. These monitors give you fast results and can be easily used at your home. These monitors can be used by just a prick. These devices use a small amount of blood to measure your blood sugar levels. They can be used with the help of lancet, test strips. These devices are a good way to measure your sugar levels.


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