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Digital Marketing Course in Panipat w3axis

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What is Digital Marketing :-   Digital marketing which we also call online marketing With digital marketing, we can make any of our products or any website accessible to the public through social media or email. By which we can attract people towards our product, this is an easy way by which we can quickly reach our product to the people.


Types Of Digital Marketing :- 



  1. Social Media Marketing :  We do social marketing through social media marketing such as Instagram ,Facebook ,Twitter , YouTube etc. Social media marketing provides a way for companies to connect with existing customers and reach new customers.


  1. Search Engine Marketing: We use SEO to bring your keywords to the top on Google, like when someone searches about one of our products, Google brings your product keywords to the latest.


  1. Pay-Per-Click:We do the marketing of our product by buying from Pay Per Click.


  1. Content-Marketing:-With content marketing, we do marketing by writing content or making videos.


  1. Mobile Marketing :- In mobile marketing, we do marketing by sharing the product on mobile.


  1. Email marketing:- In email marketing, we can do marketing by sharing the product on email.


  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is used to reach people, convert them into  customers and retain customers.


  1. Web hosting :-A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service.


  1. Youtube Marketing:- With YouTube marketing, we can do marketing by making our own product videos.


  1. Fundamentals of Adsense:-The video ads that run on a website are called Fundamentals of Adsense.


  1.  Affiliate Marketing:-Like if we put a company's product on our website, then the public that will come from it, we speak affiliate marketing.


  1. Google Web Analytics:-Google Web Analytics is an in-house marketing platform that tracks and reports website traffic.


  1. Live Projects:In live projects, we sell our project, which also leads to marketing of the project.


  1. Freelance: Freelance is a place where you can earn money for yourself.
  2. Re-Marketing:-  Re- Marketing is a way of showing advertisements to people who have already visited your website.


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