Children's Birthday Party

Dinosaur Park that Kids will LOVE!

The ultimate dinosaur adventure park has arrived in Bluewater! Get ready to be transported back to land long forgotten at Dinotropolis.

Play, learn and discover in an epic soft play dinosaur adventure park with interactive games and animatronic dinosaurs!

Ball pits, slides, climbing nets, and many an obstacle course, this huge 3 storey soft play area in Kent is extremely well prepared when it comes to helping frantic worn-out parents give their energetic children a place to burn off some energy.

Where is Dinotropolis?

With animatronic dinosaurs, three storeys of soft play, interactive games, raptor racing and the tasty Fossil Cafe- Dinotropolis is a land full of wonder, excitement and discovery!

A dinosaur adventure park that promises to amaze, you’ll find be able to...

  • Meet the huge animatronic dinosaurs

  • Go wild in the Dino Jungle

  • Power yourself around the Raptor Run

  • Put your ranger skills to the test in the Dino Escape Challenge

  • Dig for fossils, build volcanoes and bring your creations to life at the Discovery Cove

  • Refuel like a real ranger at the Fossil Café

With three storeys of soft play, a whole host of dinosaur interactives and endless adventures to be had, Dinotropolis is a play park like no other. 

Where is it?

Bluewater Shopping Centre, near Dartford. Dinotropolis gives children the opportunity to explore the Jurassic world without leaving the safety of the Garden of England.

With the Fossil Cafe selling a cup of hot coffee and some tasty snacks and meals, it’s a lovely fun filled place to take the kids this half term!

Want to book?

You can book online here.

The park offer 3 pricing options, an explorer pass, discovery pass or ranger pass with varying access levels and options for meals deal additions. You can see the options on their website.

What are you waiting for?  

Come face to face with a T-Rex, race with the Raptors in pedal-powered go-karts, and walk alongside a towering Triceratops. You’ll find other animatronic dinosaurs on your travels… A grazing Diplodocus and a Pteranodon nesting with her dinosaur eggs. Tread carefully though Ranger, there’s another Pteranodon overhead!




If you’re looking for a Dinosaur Birthday Party in Kent, full of adventure, learning and fun, look no further than Dinotropolis.

There are three party rooms for ROARsome birthdays; Party in the Volcano Valley room with up to 30 Rangers, or head to the Dino Lagoon or Bronto Beach rooms for up to 20 Rangers!

Party rooms will be allocated based on the number of Rangers in your booking.


  • Full access to the park for 2 hours
  • Private party room
  • 2 x free adult entries
  • Downloadable party invites
  • Party food for every Ranger


Break out of the classroom and into the wild at Dinotropolis! Our group visits aim to bring fun to learning, in an immersive environment where children of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Educational School Trips that are jam-packed with fun and excitement!


No smart ranger ventures into the depths of the Dino Jungle without a plan! That’s why we’ve got your itinerary all planned out. Here’s what your adventure will entail…


  • Education/lunch room with toilets and drinking water
  • Onsite fossil cafe for adults to buy refreshments
  • A free hot drink for all adult attendees
  • Huge animatronic dinosaurs with something for everyone to discover
  • Workshops run by an enthusiastic team of rangers


Meet the huge animatronic dinosaurs, go wild in the Dino Jungle, power yourself around the Raptor Run, put your ranger skills to the test in the Dino Escape Challenge, Dig for fossils, build volcanoes and bring your creations to life at the Discovery Cove & refuel like a real ranger at the Fossil Café.

With three storeys of soft play, a whole host of dinosaur interactives and endless adventures to be had, Dinotropolis is a soft play park like no other.

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