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In fact, I will end this sorry saga with one thing: never trust a person who hurts you. I hope you realize that one day you will be hurt.

Life is too short to miss texts and bad feelings. Here are the 1000 saddest love sad status messages on Facebook. Falling in love, failing in love and unbearable pain can make your life sad.
Love is a game in which we eventually succeed, but when we fail in love, we are shattered by the other person and end the relationship. Failure in love can make you depressed, but don't lose hope and keep smiling. Show your emotional side by using the sad love status in English on your social profiles such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. We have collected sad states of love in English so that the English can be sad after a separation. 
In fact, I will end this sorry saga with one thing: never trust a person who hurts you. I hope you realize that one day you will be hurt. You need at least one person to take care of you. Tears are painful words that express the pain of a broken heart. 
One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love. It's sad when people become someone they promised they would never be. It can be hard to forget someone who has given you so much, but remember. Sometimes the reality is so much harder than you think.
Sadness is one of the deepest emotions a person can feel. It tears you apart and you feel like you're falling apart. You are at a stage where you cannot express your feelings with words. Don't worry, we have a sad status in English based on life and love to cover you up.
In this post, we've shared some of the best sad love quotes and heartbreaking quotes. If you're sad about the end of a relationship, let's read it all. Hopefully you will find something that will help you feel better.
In fact, happiness and sadness are part of life. When you are sad, you can share your feelings with your friends and family, and it can make everyone feel lighter. Try not to be too emotional with people or play with your feelings.
Sometimes pain is the only thing that tells someone that they are alive. It's sad when people become someone they promised they would never be. The worst feeling is to pretend that you don't care when reality is far from what you think. Every time someone starts trusting them, they show that they are not.

You can share your feelings with your friends in a sad WhatsApp status. In fact, there's even a statue that shows your feelings on your whatsapp. Emotional status article: You're the best love-failure on whatsapp. Your reaction when you're in a heartbreaking Whatsapp status about your sad mood.

Hope has the power to give a person the confidence to come out and try again. Love is the best mistake of my life. Never trust people who don't understand your feelings. Girls forget they don't have to be with someone who doesn't need them. 
Love doesn't want you to feel bad. The hardest thing to watch is when one of us is in love with someone he loves. Because they know that after hours of separation they are not in their own depth. Waiting for you, like waiting for rain in a drought, is useless and disappointing.
No one understands how much it hurts. It is sad that I had to cancel my vacation when I came home from college. I have tried to forget you, but it is difficult to remember you. The greatest pain comes when I love you and hurt you. One night I lit a fire in my mind.
The greater your ability to love, the greater your ability to feel pain. When people walk away from you, let them go. If a man wants you, keep him away. If someone hurts you, you are worth suffering for it. 
One thing to remember is that my 100 boys died for every new girl. I cry in front of friends because they understand my pain. When you're there, when I cry, I cry too. That's why I'm crying for the thousands who were there.
My heart doesn't love you the way you want it to. My heart has a different way of expressing pain. When I'm sad, I don't know if I can find my heart. But if I don't find it, I worry. 
Be confident and try to give a voice to your emotions. Strong emotions should be respected and treated with respect. Give up your sad status in English. Giving up the sad status is only one possibility.
She, by the way, rubbed salt into my wounds. You bring salt to me, and I bring you to me. My heart is not filled when I come to see your city. There is no such lawyer in the world.

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