Stand up MRI Rockville

Does Cardiac MRI Test Help In Identifying Heart Diseases?

Heart diseases severely affect people all across the globe. More than 17 million deaths happen worldwide because of heart diseases. This fatal condition is usually tested through various types of tests like Catherizations, stress Echocardiograms, and stress nuclear exams. They are used to predict the severity and mortality factors in humans. But, doctors now believe that they can detect heart disease using MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The technique is used to identify Coronary Heart Disease, which is one of the most common types.

Stand up MRI Rockville

Why MRI For Detecting Heart Disease?

MRI is a type of non-invasive test, which uses radiofrequency waves and magnetic fields to get a detailed picture of the organs and structures inside the human body. It examines heart disease in a perfect way as well as the areas affected by the stroke.  Moreover, MRI can help the doctors in diagnosing many related heart conditions like:

·       Detect problems like any bulge, tear, or narrowing in the main artery of the heart that is “Aorta.”

·       If there is tissue damage due to heart attack in patients

·       To test the reduced flow of blood in the heart muscles to clarify any heart artery blockages, as they can be the reason for chest pain

·       If there are disorders related to the heart valve like regurgitation

·       To test the heart muscle diseases such as enlargement of heart, heart failure, or the abnormal growth of cancerous-based tumors.

When the doctors use MRI scan for testing the functioning of blood vessels or blood flow through these blood vessels, then it is known as Magnetic Resonance Angiography or MRA. The patients who are based in Rockville can get various advanced types of MRIs done at the Open MRI Center Rockville. They provide Open MRI Rockville service, helping the doctors to get detailed images of the heart and its vessels. As magnetic and radio waves are used in MRI, there is no exposure to harmful X-Rays.

You can also get Stand up MRI Rockville service at Washington Open MRI. This technique helps in testing the patient’s whole body without any need to lie down. If the scan is required for any unusual position, then this MRI scanning does the work. Another kind of MRI service provided by them is Sit Down MRI Rockville, helping to provide MRI of internal body structure even if the patient cannot lie down properly or has some problem.

Final Thoughts

Overall, MRI is becoming a smart option for doctors to detect heart diseases among heart patients. This will help in early detection of the disease, and patients can be treated at the right time. With the use of Open MRI, Sit down MRI, and Stand Up MRI by Washington Open MRI Center, the doctors can now scan the patient’s body health on the whole without any hassle.

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